October 22nd, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 7 of 14
word count (story only): 1932

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

Graham stood, blinking in surprise. “I don't feel tired, or cold, or stiff,” he explained as Aidan took the pot to put it back on the shelf. “That's pretty typical of mental 'sitting around' or visualizations.”

“This isn't visualization as such,” Aidan argued. He pointed toward the hallway. “This way, please.”

The narrow hallway was cheerful, despite the lack of daylight. The light sconces on the walls were antique, meant to hold kerosene lamps, but the delicate, faceted glass baubles hanging from wire loops threw bright, even light in hundreds of rainbows. Graham paused. “What do these represent?”

Aidan laughed merrily. “Mostly, learning the hobby of first electrical wiring, then solar batteries, and so forth.” He paused, pointing at the largest dream catcher Graham had ever seen, hanging on the wall between the bathroom door and the open door with Saraphina's name painted on it running diagonally from the top on the knob side to the bottom at the hinge side. “Don't touch the dream totem, or the eagle feathers, please.”
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I've been thinking off and on about this Tumblr post about clothing presentation styles, sorted by both gender impression and level of effort.

blather about my own clothing style )


There was no real point to any of that, but I wanted to get my thoughts down in writing so hopefully they will stop popping up distractingly at random moments. *wry*
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The Grip of It, by Jac Jemc:

Normal feels like a performance today, but we fake our way through, hopeful we'll grow into our actions.

That line comes from the end of the book, but even from the first page this story feels performative rather than sincere: The happy couple, moving into their first home. The happy couple, buying paint at the hardware store. The happy couple, being happy. It's superficial and uninteresting, as are the characters. The book is in first person, and husband and wife take turns as narrators, but it's impossible to tell who's in charge of what chapter unless one spouse specifically mentions the other; they're basically interchangeable for most of the book.

But maybe, I said to myself as I continued to read against my better judgment, they become more real when forced to confront the—

No. That did not happen. If anything they become even harder to relate to once the house starts acting up.

So they're useless, but the house? The house has all the hallmarks of being haunted: Ooh, who moved that vase. Ooh, what's that moaning noise. Ooh, the stain on the wall is spreading. The author ticks all the boxes on the checklist, but never builds on them. A misplaced vase, on its own, isn't scary. It's a signifier that doesn't signify anything. It's only half the equation. It's like being handed a fake cobweb and a plastic spider and being told it's a haunted house.

This book filled my hands with plastic spiders but failed to make a cohesive—or even engaging—story out of them. There's nothing meaningful at stake here. The house, for all its antics, is only slightly menacing, and its two indistinguishable narrators never made me feel anything but irritation.

Contains: Body horror, relationship horror, suggested domestic abuse, mental health issues, addiction (gambling), suicide attempts.
October 21st, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 6 of 14
word count (story only): 1751

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

Graham's feet refused to carry him more than eight inches past the front door. He took in the shape of the space, and the archway into the dining area, the counter and hanging cupboards that marked off the galley kitchen, and the tall bookcases flanking a field stone hearth, but despite the early Art Deco touches in the woodwork, reinforced by the color scheme, the overwhelming impression was not a subdued, harmonious pastel palette. “It feels like everything is almost shouting at me,” Graham whispered. “Would one of my shielding exercises help?”

“Yes,” Aidan assured, guiding Graham to the nearest recliner. He swept his hands over the back and seat, then eased the blond man through the process of sitting down. “You know, this may explain why so many of your children have open gifts like empathy; you're aware, receptive, and observant to a degree that startles me as much as it arms my heart.”

“I'm pretty average--” Graham protested.

Aidan cut off the comment with a quick shake of his head. “No. You aren't. You have a few biases, a few bad habits and unsupported opinions, but you are nowhere near the closed-minded maze of pigeonholes and dead ends that makes up an 'average' American, even when they think they're both liberal and supportive.” He snickered. “Now, I can't say this any less indiscreetly than,” he wagged his eyebrows playfully, “your wife has got to be something special!”
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Title: Layabouts
Fandom: Daria
Pairing: Daria/Jane
Rating: PG? not even?
Word Count: 468
Warnings/Contains: AU - Medieval?, Flirting, Fluff, Femslash
Summary: Fantasy/Medieval AU - Where Daria and Jane are guards helping guard a town from, well, not much.
A/N: Written for bookcat for [community profile] femslashex as a treat. I did this just for fun. I wish it was longer and had more worldbuilding, but ultimately, the characters just wanted to talk. So I let them talk. ^^;

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This thing upon me, howls like a beast
You flower, you feast
- “Woman”

His weight beneath her anchors Augusta in the moment, binding her sails and building her moorings. She feels almost child-like - a woman grown, tall as a willow, her body devoid of grace and molded into severe lines (the resulting aftermath of a life of trials and tribulations, of crossing into adulthood fully) - but she is made minuscule by Radomir's mountainous size. She is used to having control, to maintaining order, to fulfilling responsibilities; she's grateful for the freedom and comfort his body provides. It's refreshing, even if it doesn't change the fundamentals of their dynamic.  As if to further establish this point, Augusta's arms cage his head, her wrists locking behind his neck, mimicking the way her legs circle his waist. She has circled her way around him, as much as possible. If she leans down more, she'll find a shelf for her head in the shape of his shoulders and chest. If she arches too much, her oak-colored hair brushes the top of the Cadillac. 

They are a knot, insidiously twisted, and difficult to untangle. 

Radomir's heavy hands grip her hips. When she rocks down, grinding against the hard length of him, he holds her like she's the anchor instead of the ship. It makes her laugh, slick and needy, against his lips. 

Forehead pressing against hers, and in-between uttering a Slavic curse and a groan, Radomir asks her what's so funny. 

"Sometimes I think you forget what you're capable of," she tells him, trailing her palm from the nape of his neck to his jawline, feeling the scratch of the day's stubble against her skin.
Radomir grins, leaning back against the leather seats, spreading his arms out over their curves. "No. I never forget."

She quirks an eyebrow at him, her mouth a thin scar of a smirk, then nods briefly. "You're right." Her hand scalds him as she runs her fingers down his neck, deliberately traveling the length of his jugular, circling away from his heart as she traverses over his broad chest, burning lower and lower until she palms the outline of his hardness completely. He grunts, guttural, and looks at her from between half-lidded eyes. 

"Show me then," she says, licking the corner of his mouth. "Show me what you can do." 

Augusta could talk the devil into setting himself on fire. 

She could get into anyone’s brain – into their teeth as well as their ears. She could vibrate in the knot of nerves below the breastbone and seem to eat the damp and delicate tissue behind the eyes.

Radomir knows this. He has accepted it, has let himself be convinced by all her words and plans and promises, has even been enamored by it, but when he's deep inside of her, his hands buried in her hair, her body wet and yielding to him in all the ways he has often yielded for her, he wants to be the one who is silver-tongued and solid. He wants to lead as she follows. He wants to pave a path to a future where their footing is on equal ground, where he does more than guard her life, open her doors, and fuck her in secret. 

But then she catches his neck with one of her hands - hands that make him think of doves in their elegance and long-fingered poise - or her sweat leaves salt on his lips as he mouths the curve of her jaw and the desire to satisfy her, to be hers, battles with his urge to claim. 

Augusta is silk, spread beneath him, a leg curved over his hip, the other pinned down at the thigh and held open by his right hand. Her body is pressed against and into the Cadillac's back seats. The windows are fogged over. They're both sweating. She has a rope of pearls around her neck that glisten, sticking to her collarbone, the ends of her hair clinging to them. But she is still removed, still distant - he's only pushed up her skirt, only undone his trousers - and he's bracing his bulk above her, forced into the back of a car that suddenly feels like a coffin. His left hand had gripped the front seat for leverage and balance, but now he uses it to pluck at the matching pearl buttons of her blouse. Quick. Nimble. Too precise for a man whose history has covered his hands in blood. 

"Hold on," he murmurs, like his words are sticking to his tongue, then scowls when she groans with impatience. 

Augusta pushes her hands back through her hair, looking down at the progress he's making, inches of her skin slowly coming into sight as her blouse spreads open. "Radomir." There's a note of annoyance in the way she says his name - it's subtle, but he's been trained to notice it. 

"Augusta." He mimics, leaning down to kiss the tops of her breasts, his teeth dragging over the expensive lace of her bra. He guides the shirt off of her slowly, rolling it away from her shoulders, and feels her acquiesce when she arches up to help him. It slips from her arms, a snake shedding expensive skin. 

He curves a hand back, against her spine, and works the clasp of her bra next. When he moves to the line of buttons on the side of her hiked skirt, she huffs again. A simmer of anger from her mouth, disguised as a sigh. 

"Radomir," this time her tone is clearer - more obviously sharp, "we don't have time for this." 

"Why not?" he asks, the only part of him moving now his fingers at her hip. He's still inside of her, thrust to the hilt, but he is a creature of self-possession. 

She slaps him, her hand a viper. Three quick successions. His eyes flinch, but the crack of sound is louder than the pain. 

"No time," Radomir muses, feeling the sting of her nails. He lowers his eyes to her exposed chest, to the slender inward curves of her waist, his hand rubbing the buttons of her skirt now, feeling their worth. 

He seems reflective - humbled - so Augusta is surprised when he looks her squarely in the eyes. 

"Do you have time to undress for your brother?" The impudence is more in his eyes and the smirk his mouth makes than in his voice. That he keeps even and low. 

Although she considers it, Augusta decides to answer him earnestly rather than make him apologize. "No.” She uses her slapping hand to run her thumb over his full bottom lip, her nail scratching at the corner where his smirk is the most evident. “… and I don't fuck him in the backseat of cars either."

"Where then?" He undoes a button.

"Where I bury my skeletons."

Another button loosens, and now he can unwrap her fully, smoothing away the fabric to feel the way her thighs shiver and how her bones battle with her waist. He hums his understanding and dips his head to kiss her neck.

Slowly, ignoring the time she cherishes, he starts to move. He thrusts deeply, one hand at her hip, one arm curling around her lower back to pull her up and closer to where their bodies are joined. Augusta drags her nails across his shoulder, hooking her leg further behind him.

They fuck into dusk. Until Augusta’s skin is slick with sweat and flushed from her toes to the crown of her dark head. Until Radomir’s breathing hitches and his blood stutters in his veins.

She has crawled on top of him in the low-light, the muscles in her thighs straining, her fingers trembling. She mirrors how they began – arms around his neck, legs caging his waist – and his hands cup her ass. She rocks above him, chasing her rising crescendo.

When she comes, she bites his shoulder, stifling the cry torn from her mouth. Radomir, never the nosiest of fucks, groans with pride.

Augusta nuzzles into the side of his neck, contended.

“What does Hatchet sound like?” The question settles along his throat and constricts like a noose.

Radomir wonders how long she’s been waiting to ask. He runs his hands over her back, counting the notches in her spine. Augusta laughs, breathy, at his silence. She nips his earlobe. “Did you think I didn’t know? What you do when you aren’t with me.”

“I am always with you,” he says, “even when I am not.”

“How romantic.” She knocks her knuckles against his heart.

Even though she’s patronizing him, he kisses her – long and deep - satiating himself.

Augusta presses her fingers to his mouth. “Are we done here?”

He nods. When she slides from him, the sudden loss of her is a void.

Radomir leans against the side of the Cadillac in the darkness as Augusta dresses. He smokes a cigarette, watching the horizon. There’s a clutter of brush along the seaside. Come fall, most of it will probably be dead, but now the branches bear leaves and makes it hard to see the crashing waves. A narrow dirt road, scattered with sand, curves back towards the city. Traffic will be light he thinks, and pitches his cigarette to the ground.

In the night, Augusta can hardly make out anything. She adjusts the fall of her necklace and pins her hair carefully using the rearview mirror. Her blouse sticks to her skin and her skirt is wrinkled, but her strict spine and sharp gaze are enough to make her look composed. She touches her swollen mouth and smiles before knocking on the window.

Radomir grips the steering wheel once he slides into the driver’s seat.

“I could kill him,” he says.

Augusta lights her own cigarette, following the train of his thought easily. She speaks around the smoke in her mouth. “It isn’t him I want you to kill.”

They look at each other, and Radomir says nothing (except with his eyes, and Augusta can read them easily, can see the way pain and obligation twist him up like a tourniquet, can see, too, how quickly his love for her outweighs his devotion to any other). He starts the engine, one hand falling to the gear shift, the other balancing on the wheel. Augusta places her hand on top of his, tracing the lines of his veins above his knuckles.
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Today Miss Cactus introduced me to the pawpaw (Asimina triloba), the largest native North American fruit. They are apparently one of the rare temperate members of the Annonaceae, or custard apple, family; most of the related species are tropical. She has a pawpaw tree growing wild in her new backyard, and therefore has more fruit than she really knows what to do with right now. (Pawpaws don't keep or transport terribly well.)

The outside of a pawpaw fruit is sort of leathery yellow-green-brown with lots of brown spots. The inside is creamy yellow with huge black seeds, easily removed. The texture is a bit like avocado crossed with banana, ranging from relatively firm to very mooshy/squishy, and the flavor is... hmm... kind of like banana-pear with a hint of lemon, maybe? Or mango-guava-banana? Hard to describe, anyway. It's very sweet and gets cloying rather quickly; one fruit would probably be most people's limit.

It turns out that I am mildly allergic to raw pawpaws, but not terribly so -- a single Benadryl tablet was enough to mitigate the reaction, and I didn't start getting excessive phlegm/throat-closing issues until I'd eaten nearly a whole palm-sized fruit.

I don't particularly need to eat another pawpaw ever again, but I hear they make pretty good ice cream (which I would readily believe) and they can be subbed into almost any recipe in place of banana. Miss Cactus said she used a bunch in a banana bread recipe this week and it turned out well, so. :)
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Holy crap. Spoilers for the OVA and episodes 1+2 )

So yeah, I love this, I want more. *__*

In other news, I tried to watch Taishou Mebius Line: Chichai-san but I didn't realize each episode was only like five minutes long and frankly the spoilers ) Not going to continue that one.
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SO, progress update on Inktober, cuz I should try to do at least one a week.

... I did 6 pokemon drawings so far. Am mid-sketch of a 7th and did a sketch of someone (I was thinking of a Homestuck kid) dabbing... I don't know why, I was inspired in the moment. xD

At this point, I know I'm too lazy to get the whole 31 drawings done, at least not by halloween. We'll see, of course. xD

Writing-wise, um, nothing much? I still have two fics I haven't started to write. And I read over an incomplete Homestuck fic from 2013 and made some edits on it. Then I searched for the snippet of the third chapter I was talking about in an earlier post. I added like one sentence to it and realized I wasn't 1000% confident I could still get their voices right?? So I'm holding off on too much Homestuck stuff until I refresh myself with a new read through...

Or, you know, watch the read throughs on youtube because do you know how long Homestuck is??? It's not even completely read through on YT so I'd still have to read like all of Act 6. @.@ (But then, maybe I will actually just read it all? I dunno yet.)

And this reminds me I fell behind a chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. Anyone else still reading it? =D

I want to make a playlist to go with NaNo story, cuz I saw there's a badge for doing it and I like badges, and playlists! So once I hammer out my story more, I'll be doing that. =3

Now for some sleep! x.x
October 20th, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 5 of 14
word count (story only): 1507

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

Aidan shrugged. “She's a foster child right now. That means that the psychologist at the relevant office will want to observe her several more times before the adoption is fully approved and legal. I know that she will need more therapy than they have time for in a dozen years, let alone one, but… I'm hoping that the two of you will be a good match, since I doubt that she'll be ready for preschool at four without a great many hours of effort from all of us.”

Graham nodded. “Okay, got it.” He pointed at Aidan. “Just so you know, I'm a lot harder to scare off than the feeble effort you're putting in here.”

“Feeble effort?” Aidan's eyes widened. Slowly, he began to snicker. “You're even braver than I suspected.”

“Brave, perhaps reckless, but definitely focused and determined,” Graham agreed, sticking out his hand. “I am also firmly on your side and Saraphina's. Truce?”

“It wasn't a conflict, or even a full-scale test,” Aidan admitted, clasping forearms with the blond. “Friends,” he offered.
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One from [community profile] lionswap, the other from [community profile] sheithparty's Sheith-a-Palooza~

Shoot First (986 words) by Kalloway
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Roy Fokker
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon
Summary: Roy Fokker was pretty damned sure that he would rather get shot at on a daily basis than deal with some of the waves of idiotic cadets coming through the Garrison.

(both [personal profile] taichara and I latched onto Roy's cameo in the first episode, and then managed to prompt for him, match each other, and write amusingly similar ideas, because, lol)

All New Star Charts (1192 words) by Kalloway
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Pre-Canon, Stargazing
Summary: Shiro, Keith, and the stars above them.

(aka, last-minute inspiration from my break-time stargazing and finally! learning some new constellations!)
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 08:56am on 20/10/2017
So this TV watching season, I've been watching This is Us (and crying every episode), Law & Order: SVU (frankly watching for Barba and Carisi and their sweet, sweet fashion sense), Channel Zero: No-End House (and being so disturbed, aaaaahhh what the fuck are my eyes looking at), and Fear the Walking Dead (which is over now but The Walking Dead starts Sunday and I'm both hyped and also apprehensive and I hope it's good!). I've also been watching the first season of BuzzFeed's Unsolved Supernatural because it's both spooky and funny.

Tonight I'm going to chech out the fall anime lineup, I think! What I'm interested in watching is Mahoutsukai no Yome, Kino no Tabi, Sengoku Night Blood (ohoho yes), and Taishou Mebius Line: Chichai-san. ...I'll probably also give Dynamic Chord a chance, even though the synopsis and character design takes me straight to the 90s, haha.

This season of anime seems really uninspired as a whole tbh.

I've dropped off on reading, which is always the first thing to go when I'm stressed out, but I'm in the middle of several books that I'd like to finish. I've started Lord of the White Hell, Book Two but I'm really unhappy with some of the character interactions and I'm like well crap. But I'll persevere because I quite like the lead character, hahah.
October 19th, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 4 of 14
word count (story only): 1310

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

“Abioud,” Aidan began, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, “would you please keep an eye on Saraphina and Edison while I offer the good doctor a brief magical mystery tour?”

Graham chortled. “That's a description I can get behind!” He held up a finger. “One thing. If Aida offers to spar with you in the salle, I insist that full padding be worn.”

“I'm not much of a fighter, but I know enough not to hurt a teenage girl,” Abioud protested.

“The padding is for you!” Graham countered, still smiling. “Aida is… relentless, even when she's trying to relax. It's just her nature, even when asking you to spar is a gesture of friendship to her. If you don't want to risk it, believe me, I understand. It's perfectly fine to say no If she asks, though, she's likely to be ready to socialize a little more.”

“You have an interesting family,” Aidan mused, laughing softly.

“The longer you associate with us, the more that word will drift toward 'terrifying' instead,” Graham offered, then licked his finger and pretended to check for breezes. “So far, the wind is holding steady at Interesting-by-Weird-Interesting.”
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So today I got in my car and started it up to go to work and as I'm driving down the street I realize immediately something's wrong. So I turn around and get back home and lo and behold, I have a completely flat tire. I'd just looked at my tires last night because I've had a slow leak in one, but apparently the leak decided to go ahead and be a fast leak.

So I take the tire off and put the donut on, with plans to drive to Wal-Mart and replace it. Off my mom and I go (because I'd not cashed my check yet, I needed her to pay for the tire and I was going to pay her back) and as I'm driving, something terrible goes wrong. The donut goes completely flat and kind of falling apart???? So I turn into this abandoned looking parking lot and call my sister and tell her what's going on and she tells me she'll come get us.

So we're waiting and this old pickup truck pulled in and this little old man with missing teeth and long hair steps out and was like "y'all got yerselves a flat?" which yeah, and he sees the wheel in the truck of the jeep and was like "I can take yer tire down there to the shop, they got free air there." And I was like shit, yeah, cool, so away he goes with my tire and I go ahead and take the donut off and this other little old man comes walking up and is like "looks like y'all got a flat tire" and tells us he has an air compressor if we need some air so we tell him about the first little old man who came and of course the second old man knows the first old man.

And then this big fancy pickup truck pulls up and in it is another old man who asks if we need help and I tell him that someone else is helping but thanks so much and away he goes.

Anyway the first old man comes back with the tire and then he takes the donut to get air and I put the tire back on (it's hissing and we see a damn nail in it, which is the cause of all the trouble) and follow him to the store where he's putting air in it.

After that, Mom and I head to wal-mart to actually replace the tire because it can't be repaired (the nail is too close to the tire wall, if I repair it it could just burst). We end up hanging around there for an hour and a half waiting for it to be replaced.

Now I'm about to head to my therapy session hahahaHAHAHA.

(But it was very cool that so many people stopped to help)
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Operation 'Find-the-only-known-snippet-of-the-3rd-chapter-of-an-ongoing-fic-that-has-been-abandoned-for-4-years-and-exists-only-in-a-comment-of-a-nearly-daily-posting-dw-comm-but-I-don't-remember-when-EXACTLY-I submitted-it' is a-go!



Miraculously, I remembered what month I posted it and then used the fic to figure out what year. T^T I'm so happy.

I lost this snippet when my old laptop first suffered from a harddrive crash, back in 2013. I'm so glad I had posted this snippet somewhere online where I could later come back to find it. T^T
October 18th, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 14
word count (story only): 1459

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

The front door opened, bringing two sets of footsteps, then closed almost silently. A teenage girl with sandy blonde curls paused in the kitchen doorway, glancing from Doctor Finn to the guests. “Hi, Da.” The teenage girl waved at the guests, her expression warring between curiosity and fatigue. “I'm sorry, but I'm all peopled out right now. It's nice to meet you, but I'll be much more civil in half an hour or so.”

“Are you going to your room, or the salle?” Doctor G asked.

“Salle,” Aida's shoulders dragged lower. “Mrs. Wu and Doctor Janice want to talk to you tomorrow about why we're closed until one, and Mrs. Wu said that if I go back in to volunteer, I can lock the door to the conference room.”
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With Radomir in the doorway, even Chason, usually so bold and daring with his stares, ducks his eyes.

Radomir – or The Russian, as he is known in the Boardwalk districts – takes up most of the threshold. Chason cleans his bar and avoids looking to his left. It isn’t fear that stops his gaze from roaming, although The Russian is the most lethal of the men on the Vries’ payroll, but this: Chason knows a guard dog when he sees one. Just as he knows that a man’s nickname can be as telling and as intimidating as a scar or a burn across a face. Some men do not need the burden of adjectives. The description gets in the way, as though whatever could be said of the men in question would only diminish the true effect they had in person. Chason suspects that minimalism has always suited Radomir, the way war had suited him, so working for the Vries is just another war for The Russian. The landscape changes but not the battle. And if Chason has to keep guessing, he would say that Radomir’s nickname probably amuses him too … in the way certain soldiers are amused by a bloody kill and a hard rape.

The Russian picks at his nails with a Bowie knife, standing with his feet shoulder-width apart, and looks bored. He checks his watch once, seems unsatisfied by the time, and murmurs something in his Slavic tongue.

Chason doesn’t understand the language, but he knows intelligence when he hears it. Intelligence and anger. That’s the true horror, he thinks. Not The Russian’s sheer brawn, but the fact that his brains are just as developed as his muscles. One of Palmer’s busboys, a chocolate-skinned youth of sixteen with eyes like a doe and a name like a curse, once told Chason that hope slips away when The Russian arrives at your door. You expect the worst because here is a man whose body casts a giant’s shadow, who once crushed another man’s skull between his palms, whose smile is rabid.

Chason moves to restocking the whiskey and keeps his head down.

Outside on the wet city streets, beyond the threshold The Russian blocks, The Emerald’s Ford has parked at the curb and Palmer is already opening the passenger door for Sunniva. She slides into the curve of his offered arm the way water slides across stone. There’s a soft, foreign flush on her cheeks, and a dangerous hint of laughter on her tongue. She doesn’t even mind when Palmer keeps his hold on her waist, when she leans a little into his weight to balance out the natural hitch her prosthetic leg causes as her good foot searches for traction.

He whispers something into her ear, his nose pressed against her dark hair, and she hits him lightly on the arm. It’s too kind, too gentle, too full of unacknowledged intimacy.

An hour remains before sunset, but they don’t know that they’re already late.

Augusta hates waiting. She spent most of her life waiting – for the right moment, for ascension – and now impatience pains her like a cancer. “They should be here by now,” Augusta says, the irritated pitch in her voice contradicting the sharp, glasslike glare of her eyes.

“Wait,” Harrow tells her, smoothing a thumb across her knuckles with a sneer.

She pulls away, curling her hand more fully around her tumbler of bourbon in the process. She doesn’t drink, but she holds the glass, liking the chill against her palm.

Harrow lights a cigarette with a gold lighter while turning his head at the sound of approaching feet; he raises his eyebrows at his sister pointedly, smugly. Radomir has heard the noises too – he’s rolling forward onto the balls of his feet, sliding his knife back into its hiding place, cracking his knuckles with anticipation – and the air inside of The Emerald’s otherwise empty dining room simmers with smoke and feeling.

Sunniva notices the club’s silence before Palmer does. They still have an hour before even the early dinner guests typically arrive, but for all the windows do not reveal to the streets, The Emerald should be a hive of activity inside. Her mouth twists into a frown and trepidation crawls over her body as Palmer pushes the batwing doors of the dining room open.

He’s mid-grin, his oxfords bright against the checkered flooring, when he stops in his tracks. The Vries are in the middle of the room, as timeless as the clean linen tablecloths or the crystal glasses covering the tables around them. Augusta has the pose of a predator, much like her brother seated across from her, and although her hair is darker and her eyes are more hazel than blue, their relation is obvious by the sharp lines of their bones. The self-possessed way they sit with steel spines and feigned ease. The sensuous coldness of their thin mouths.

“Here be monsters,” Palmer murmurs, trying for tongue-in-cheek. His hand tightens around Sunniva’s waist.

Sunniva manages to seem sober, whatever warmth and unguarded happiness that had colored her face before sliding away into a mask of granite. Her shoulders stiffen. It’s the same body language she had adopted during the war, when blood was common, and danger threatened from each desolate corner of the world. As though remembering the fundamental loneliness of those times, she steps away from Palmer, not fully enough for the distance between their bodies to suggest tension to any casual observers, but enough for Palmer to notice and dislike the coldness that seeps into the space where the warmth of her had been. He feels it keenly, distractedly.

“You’re late,” Augusta informs them.

“I did not realize we were scheduled to meet.” Palmer runs his hand through his hair, collecting himself. He brandishes a smile the way other men brandish weapons.

“I trust Chason treated you well while you waited.” Sunniva does not look at the bartender, but Palmer sees him grin.

Neither of the Vries acknowledge her statement.

Radomir stalks forward. Sunniva thinks anyone unfamiliar with the battlefield would be surprised by his grace and lightness of foot, but she knows all too well how quick the unsuspected can be. Palmer is unperturbed; he holds his arms up without being told to, shoulders squared and body pliant as The Russian runs his calloused hands up and over his chest, arms, hips, into the pockets of both his suit jacket and trousers. Seemingly satisfied, Radomir turns his attention to Sunniva and conducts the same inspection. He moves back to the exit without speaking.

“Don’t worry, everything’s Jake.” Palmer assures the Vries, a gesture that even he knows is pointless. If things were not alright, he’s sure his neck would be snapped before he could grace the world and his current audience with another worthwhile quip.

Sunniva joins the siblings first, slipping into one of the open chairs across from them, her demeanor professional. Palmer follows but chooses to stand, one hand resting on the back of Sunniva’s chair.

“Is this about the Chicago deal?” Sunniva asks when neither Augusta nor Harrow speaks.

“What makes you think that?” Harrow drawls, his words thick with smoke from the cigarette between his thin lips.

“The last time we spoke, with the delivery – ”

“I didn’t speak to you.” Harrow leans forward and snubs his cigarette out into the crystal ashtray at the table.

Augusta raises her hand in an impatient gesture, her fingers long and glimmering with rings. She looks at Harrow briefly, a line of annoyance splitting her forehead, before she settles more comfortably back into her own chair. “Chicago is not our problem.”

“So, there is a problem then.” Palmer says.

“He’s very perceptive, isn’t he?” Augusta scoffs, glancing at Sunniva as though for confirmation. “Yes. There is a problem. We have a rat.”

“We think we have a rat,” Harrow echoes, his tone suggesting that he does not share his sister’s concern.

“Impossible.” Palmer’s confidence makes Augusta raise an eyebrow, the expression eerily similar to Harrow’s.

Beneath the table, Sunniva curls her hand into a fist, digging her nails into the fabric of her dress.

Roman is an oil spill, the lines of his body blending effortlessly, slickly, into the darkness around him. If it wasn’t for the burning cigarette between the fingers in his right hand, glowing bright in the shadows, Sunniva would not have seen him.

She remembers him from the war, and how he was the best suited for night time errands, for bringing death from a distance. He still possesses the same skills: wearing silence as a shroud, merging his body into his surroundings, turning his gaze to that of a hawk’s. Not for the first time, she thinks he’s wasted as a doorman, only now she feels doubt cloud her perception of him.

She takes his cigarette without asking, and he steps more to the left, making room for her to lean against the brick beside him.

“What did you do, those years after the war, before you came back?” Her question is too layered in suggestion. She regrets it immediately, but she knows their shared history is no protection for either of them anymore.

Roman arches an eyebrow. “Hello to you too, Pirate.”

“Wasn’t there a woman?”

“I lost count,” he says with a grin that splits his entire face, his teeth white against his lips.

Sunniva hears Palmer in his response and fights the urge to roll her eyes. “The French one.”

It’s too dark to make out his eyes, but for a moment she thinks she sees a flicker of emotion in his gaze. A crack in his otherwise hardened armor.

When he doesn’t answer her, she passes him his cigarette. He takes it easily enough.

“We have a problem, Roman.”

“When do we not?”

“This one involves vermin.”

“A rat?”

She makes a hum of acknowledgement and waits.

Roman has finished his cigarette by the time he decides to speak. “You do know this is all just another game, right? A way to pass the time before the big sleep. Even Palmer’s pretending, but he knows. Someone always loses. We were already lucky once. We won’t be lucky again.”

“Forgive me if I do not share in your nihilism. I still value my life.”

Roman laughs, short and cynical, pushing himself from the wall in a clean motion. “We died a long time ago, Sunshine.”

She catches him by the crook of his elbow; he stops, looking down at her from a half-step away. “Don’t call me that,” she says, her voice no longer suggestive, but not unkind.

He shrugs away from her fingers, pulling his arm free. When he leans closer to her, she does not back away. He tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, his fingers brushing the side of her jaw. When he smiles, she smiles back.

No hard feelings.

She won’t feel the same in the future.
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I triumphed over the never-ending stack of leases, after which it was a slow-ish day. I showed two apartments and I think some of the people who went on the tour will come in tomorrow to rent an apartment, so that's nice.

I also got a raise! Only a small one, but even so. And what's nicer is that it's retroactive to June 1 (because our owner is an organized human being, really, I swear...) so I have a paper check I get to cash tomorrow. Yay unexpected extra money!

In news from my other job, today I finished one of my two tax update courses, and have registered for three live in-person continuing education classes, one of which is tomorrow night. The other two are next week, and I need to ask Miss Cactus whether she's willing to swap my Tuesday shift for her shift on either Monday or Friday, since the courses all start at 6pm and I work until 7pm on Tuesdays. (Failing that, I will ask Mom Boss if I can leave early that day.)

Continuing education requirements for tax preparers are 18 credit hours per year, allocated as follows: 13 federal tax law, 2 ethics, and 3 tax updates. You can, of course, take more than the minimum. I have currently finished 2 credits of tax law and 2 credits of tax updates. The three live courses will knock off another 9 credits of tax law, I have the second 2 credit tax update course ready to do whenever (probably Friday or Saturday), and the ethics and another 2 credits of tax law won't be too hard to knock off.

Then, of course, there are the New York state requirements, but I will deal with those in November. :)
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 09:10am on 18/10/2017
Shit! It was cold this morning! We don't have any kind of centralized heat and we weren't ready, haha. The space heaters are now humming away in the living room and kitchen and I'll be breaking out the heated blanket. And I'm going to get up on the roof and clean out the chimney before we can use the wood burning stove. Aaahh, I love cold weather but I'm very unprepared for it. ;3;

Nintendo shared a picture of their Switch and 3DS 2017/early 2018 releases!

Aaaahhh. ;3; Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (I never played the first one because I've never owned a WiiU but I've heard it was great), Octopath Traveler, Strange Journey Redux (I've never played Strange Journey so it's a new game to me!).

It's really awesome that although the Switch is now a thing, Nintendo is still releasing games for the 3DS. That's pretty great, good for you Nintendo. :3

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I had a really fun final game of the night session of Town of Salem (omg, being vet is literally the best role ever) and now I'm going to bed cuz TIRED. xD

Just wanted to say my NaNo story idea/brainstorming thingabob is still open to ideas. So far, I'm looking at a potential NaNo Original fic with femslash, involving skypirates, mystery, and a possible revenge questline. =D More ideas are welcomed! (Setting? Genres? Cryptids or not? xD )

Also - [community profile] holly_poly is open for signups! It's a multimedia exchange for OT3s and moresomes! =D I already signed up and sign ups look a little slow, so come on! (Maybe they're not slow, I just may be really excited about them.)

[community profile] femslashex, btw, has their collection open for extra fics/treats and author reveals haven't happened yet so maybe write a drabble for someone? I wrote one! =D I'm hoping to write more, even after reveals. =B --- I really wanted to participate in the exchange, but I wasn't confident in my writing at the time of signups so I bowed out. Now, however, I wanna WRITE SO MUCH YAY! xD

And I believe [community profile] smallfandombang is still open for signups! I still haven't decided exactly on what I want to write, but I'll think of something.

Ok, sleeeep nowwwww. =3=
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 14
word count (story only):

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

Abioud sighed, his whole body curling protectively around Saraphina. “I'm sorry, Aidan. I'm very sorry, but you need someone you can talk to frankly. Openly. About everything, and I'm not an idiot; I know that is a trainload of stuff. It's not like there are experts on superannuated gardeners hiding in the bushes.”

Aidan snorted. “Where else would a gardener hang out?” He reached out, his hand trembling faintly just an inch above Abioud's gleaming dark curls. “You're asking for more than you know. It would be like… telling your sister that I'm gay.”

Shock bloomed on the Egyptian's face, followed by a mask of horror. “Oh… that's… beyond not good.” He shook his head again. “I'm sorry, Aidan.” He glanced down. “At least we haven't woken Saraphina.”

“Baby gates,” Aidan replied dryly. “I reinforced them.”
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So my work day started with two tenants coming in to say they'd locked themselves out of their bathroom, continued through twenty million leases to process, and ended with another tenant coming in literally one minute before closing to say they thought they had to fill out a form, maybe...? which was actually three forms, one of which I had to generate specially and then highlight the relevant sections because nobody ever fills it out correctly otherwise. *headdesk*

I mean, at least I will get paid for the extra twenty minutes I stayed? But holy gods, argh argh and above all, argh.

(The bathroom, incidentally, was an easy fix. All it takes is a judiciously applied paperclip! But I had to go apply the fix in person because apparently tenants are bad at comprehending verbal explanations at 9am when they really need to pee. (To be fair, I probably would be as well.))


On the bright side, I got a two-hour tax continuing education course finished before Mom Boss dumped the never-ending leases on me, so that's something.
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat starting now, in irc://irc.mibbit.net/dreamhart! Webclient here: http://dreamhart.org/chat/
October 17th, 2017
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I got tagged for a meme on Tumblr and I liked this list so much I'm just going to post it here: Ten of your favorite female characters in ten different fandoms.

1. Dana Scully - The X-Files
2. Chloe Sullivan - Smallville
3. Nyota Uhura - Star Trek
4. Leslie Knope - Parks & Recreation
5. Britta Perry - Community
6. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
7. Samantha Carter - Stargate SG-1
8. Joan Watson - Elementary
9. Olivia Dunham - Fringe
10. Elise Wassermann - The Tunnel

Look at all those awesome ladies. I could have gone on for another ten. Like I didn't even mention Lana Kane from Archer, or Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle, or Teyla or Lois Lane or Beverly Crusher or Princess Leia or Buffy or Pepper Potts or—

{also posted to Tumblr}
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat at 8pm EST, in irc://irc.mibbit.net/dreamhart! Webclient here: http://dreamhart.org/chat/
October 16th, 2017
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Risk Everything for Family
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 14
word count (story only): 1130

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” continuing from Graham's viewpoint. ::

By the time the kettle burbled, just shy of boiling, Graham's guests had gathered at the dining table, munching on carrot and jicama sticks, or in Saraphina's case, sucking on a strip of red bell pepper as if it were a lollipop. Dabs of hummus waited in dessert cups in front of each, though Saraphina's was quite stirred up. Graham set a toddler cup full of pineapple juice in front of the girl, then asked, “If you'd rather have tea than coffee, it's easier to check the cabinet and select something you'd like.”

Abioud grinned playfully, pointing at the nearly full coffee pot on the counter. “That seems to be strong enough to stand up on its own, which is just the way I like it.”

Saraphina pushed her sippy cup toward Abioud, then mimicked his reach for the carafe of coffee. Aidan chuckled, shaking his head. “No, not when it's that hot,” he explained to the girl.
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

Nan's Door

DW username: [personal profile] nanslice
AO3 username: [archiveofourown.org profile] nan

You may get: Ficlets, art!

Please leave me: A fandom, character/ship, prompt, general request. Have multiple requests? Go for it! Or just leave a 'fic or treat' and get something random. You can request original artwork if you want, just give me prompts for that as well. :3

Light is on for: Dwircle, people just passing by, whoever!

Fandoms, etc.: Final Fantasy VIII (I'm rusty but I'll try), Final Fantasy XV (stick with the main four guys), Until Dawn, Law & Order: SVU, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Captain America, Star Wars (prequel trilogy!), Gundam Wing, Castlevania (Netflix series), Daredevil, Yuri on Ice (art only please!), original works, I feel like I'm forgetting fandoms but you know.

Other info: UH I don't really have any DNWs. Haha.

(prompts will be filled on the 31st!)
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[community profile] monthlysupergo

Kalloway's Door

DW username: [personal profile] kalloway
AO3 username: [archiveofourown.org profile] kalloway

You may get: Fic! (drabbles-or-longer), icons, recs, meta, picspam, etc.

Please leave me: A fandom, pairing, character and/or prompt, or a general request. Multiple requests are fine! Or just leave a 'fic or treat' and you could get anything! (I'll peek at your profile interests and go from there~)

Light is on for: everyone from SuperGo, everyone in my dwircle, anyone wandering by! No need to have your own door post. Don't be shy!

Fandoms, etc.: Saint Seiya, Final Fantasy VII/AC, Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam SEED/Astray/Destiny, Gundam 00, Twin Signal, Kiddy Grade, Macross/Frontier, Generator Gawl, Gundam Build Fighters, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Tekkaman Blade II, any of my original stuff, anything with dragons or robots/mecha, or float me an inquiry because I'm sure there's plenty I haven't listed.

Other info: DNW flat out rape/non-con, but everything else is open~
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Hey, guys! Just a remind that [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico goes live soon! I've got some buy it now options up there, so go check it out! (And all the other cool people offering stuff.) I'll post again when it does go live, but if you want to big on something, it's always good to check in early!

That said: why, oh why, is it Monday?
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Community Involvement
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2 (complete)
word count (story only): 1724

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” from Miss Candy Cain's viewpoint. ::

Marie had just coaxed Candy toward the long table full of an assortment of books, from a plastic dishpan full of thick board books for babies at the near end, growing more mature and detailed as they walked toward the opposite end of the long table, where someone had set a large box labeled “craft and instruction manuals” among what seemed to be an encyclopedia set. “The books are a dime for paperbacks, regardless of size, fifty cents for hardbacks, and a dollar for the instructional books,” she explained to the young woman.

Before Candy could do more than nod in acknowledgment, a cluster of older children, between ten years old and their late teens boiled through the open double doors, each talking in a low voice, but cumulatively forming a cloud of agitated murmuring. They headed unerringly toward the man with his hair in a neat braid who had just set a cut glass platter on edge, propped against two copper-colored tins to show off the glass. “Bennett!” one of the older girls called, “Did you see what happened to Aunt Gail?”
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We had a bit of a snake scare today. Talking about a snek! )

And also rescued a baby lizard from Hecky! I have no idea how the little guy managed to get in the house but Hecky had him. Fortunately he's a good cat who doesn't guard or growl over food or anything else, so it was easy enough to get the lizard from him. The poor little guy was playing dead while Hecky had him but as soon as I had him cupped in my hands he was quick to show his displeasure. I relocated him to a tree in the front yard away from all the predatory pets I have (and also away from the new snek friend).

Other than all that, today was a pretty chill day. Watched Little Evil, about half of the first season of Buzzfeed's Unsolved Supernatural, and the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.
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ignitiondorks: Saitama, Genos and Mumen Rider posing for a picture with a fan. Only Saitama is into it. ([OPM] The OT3 in one spot)
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I'd been feeling like I wasn't goth enough for a while, but this feeling is gone since this morning.

I had a really weird dream last night in which I was, for some obscure reason, taking part in a baking show presided over/judged by the Raven Queen, the Goddess of Death in Critical Role (and DnD -- but this was definitely a Critical Role thing). Then I blew my fuse because we were supposed to cook with unsalted butter and WHAT KIND OF HERETIC etc. I'm pretty sure I was overdoing it to gum up the works for some reason? But in any case, shouting at the Raven Queen made me level up, so obviously I took that level in Goth, which she thought was hilarious, appropriate and well-deserved.

Clearly I am goth enough. The dream argument I had with a death goddess over baking ingredient says so.

Also, I finally wrote prompts for my yuletide letter. Sorry for the delay to anyone waiting on it.

I'll do the linking in appropriate places tomorrow.

October 15th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] runpunkrun at 10:37am on 15/10/2017 under
Slade House, by David Mitchell: I'm reading spooky/ghost/horror stories for October, and this was almost exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. It's a ~literary ghost story, which means I liked the concept, but the characters were barely filled in, and Mitchell was absolutely pushing my buttons with the racist domestic abuser cop, I mean, first of all, could you be more predictable, but mostly, no, hard pass. Sadly his was the second chapter, so it took me a while to realize I was enjoying the book.

It goes off the rails at the end when it gets too explainy, but until then, it's an interesting cross between a murder mystery and a haunted house, with some Inception thrown in for color.

Contains: animal harm, fear of dogs, references to domestic abuse, racist remarks, racist police officers, racist police officers having sex with someone who is concealing their true nature—so dub-con, fatmisia, and mention of eating disorders.
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[personal profile] rosaxx50 said: I would love something for Karen & Foggy & Matt (or ot3!) + libel! Something about how vigilante/law/media deals with a case of libel in some way. (400 words exactly)

Note: Three months late, but look! I wrote a thing! :D Also, insofar as this has a canon setting, it's in a happy future sometime post-Defenders.

With Only Mild Complaining )

And now I will go eat lunch. :)
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purple galaxy cover titled in purple "Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue Hallows" I'm revisiting an older NaNoWriMo project (that one backstory is still canon) and focusing on the Science Fantasy side, Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue: Hallows

Follow the adventures of the ship Hallows, an Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue/Emergency Services Team. A mage named Dani and their ghost husband Emmanuel co-captain the ship Hallows as they recruit their crew and have various adventures.


Main Timeline


October 14th, 2017
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Community Involvement
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 2 (complete)
word count (story only): 1338

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and picks up immediately after “Popping In,” from Miss Candy Cain's viewpoint. ::

Candy walked more than a block toward the church before she paused to check the folded bills Doctor G had given her. Three crisp twenty-dollar bills, folded individually, offered up a bewildering list of questions, but not a single answer to why he'd been so generous. A vehicle stopped, throwing a slant of shade over her. She glanced over.

The man she'd seen in photographs among the dozens on the Finn's walls smiled and waved at her. “Want a ride?” he offered, jerking a thumb toward the interior of the SUV he was driving. “You, me, ninety pounds of random kitchenware.”

“I'm afraid I don't actually know you,” Candy began, shaking her head faintly.
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I need to dig out my to-do list...

I picked up a few things from the sale shelves at the library yesterday, including a two-disc soundtrack for Fantasia, which was the 50th anniversary digital remaster from 1990. I don't want to know how much someone paid for it originally, but for fifty cents, I consider it an epic score! (er, literally!)

Voltron S4 sure was a thing-- the sort of thing I'll be picking bits out of for a while, likely. It definitely sold me a few shares in Matt/Pidge, deargods.

Since Dragonball S2 arrived, we've been watching that-- with everything else going on, it's nice to be able to sit back and laugh at a guy with nyoi bo stuck in his arse. ^^;;

Oh, and also a 'horror' movie called Teeth, about vagina dentata. I actually rather liked it. Boycritter finds it the scariest movie ever, as apparently he'd never run into the concept of vagina dentata before?

Me: This isn't as much a horror movie as it is a metaphor for growing up with a wish for more control over your body and environment.
October 13th, 2017
dialecticdreamer: My work (Default)
Popping In
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1 (complete)
word count (story only): 1843

:: Part of the Mercedes set of stories in the Polychrome Heroics universe, this story takes place roughly an hour and a half after “The Parents' Network,” part one and part two. It is also part of the “Gentle Soul” series; however, it is told from Graham Finn's point of view. ::

By the time Graham's ten o'clock appointment ended and the patient stomped out, he was gasping for a cup of tea and an hour in a sauna. Any sauna would do, but one in Reyjavik would be particularly welcome, especially if he left his vidwatch on his desk just before departing. Instead of picking up his desk phone, he checked the time on the tiny digital clock face which had been modded into the old-fashioned rotary dial device. The church would be busy, probably for the rest of the day. As he flicked off the privacy field, and the lights in a single motion, he made a decision.

Mrs. Wu was not in the main area, but Candy stood at the reception desk, walking on the short roller treadmill that usually rested in the shallow space meant for a toe-kick. As she walked, she turned the page in one of the new SPOON brochures she'd been tasked with delivering. “How does it compare to the last diet and exercise pamphlet?” he asked, keeping his tone light.

“Just as generic, in twice as many words,” Candy admitted, sighing as she stepped off the treadmill. “Doctor G… I think I understand why you don't offer eleven o'clock appointments now. Are you going to be writing up your notes? Is there any thing I can get for you?”
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Other than it being Sen & Nadleeh's 8th anniversary, in real time, (Happy Anniversary, you two. I knew you'd be fine~) today has been so astoundingly unimpressive and underwhelming that I think I'm just going to go over there-- *vague pointing* --and do anything other than continue today-ing.
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I heard the most godawful noises coming from outside my window around 9:30pm, whereupon I went outside and discovered Wilson (my diagonal neighbors' cat) in a standoff on the porch railing with an unfamiliar tailless, all-black cat.

Wilson then dived off the railing and under Upstairs Neighbor E's bicycle, where he proceded to make continuous upset noises while the stranger prowled silently along the railing and scented my windowframe.

I attempted to see if Wilson wanted rescue, but he swiped at me. Then I attempted to shoo the stranger cat away, but it swiped at me in turn.

Wilson was very polite about the swiping -- soft paws, no claws. The stranger made me bleed in seven places.

I went inside to clean and disinfect my wounds, after which I returned to see if Wilson was feeling any better/safer. The stranger cat was gone, but Wilson was still on edge, and swiped at me even though I approached very slowly and never got within two feet of him. So I went back inside again and applied a bandaid to the one cut that hadn't stopped bleeding.

When I returned to the porch a third time, Wilson was once again feeling relaxed. He came into the foyer as I opened the door, meowed in greeting, and asked for petting. So I scratched behind his ears for a couple minutes, before he decided it was time to head upstairs and find his people.

I've heard similar noises from the porch occasionally over the past month, and now I wonder if this is an ongoing conflict between Wilson and the stranger...
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A friend told me I should color this, never gonna happen!

Squad goals tbh.
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I'm so behind on replying to comments (I'm gonna do it right after posting this!) but I've been spending a lot of time on instagram lately. So photos I've posted recently.

Taken today, I pass by this house daily and finally decided to investigate it. It was spoopy. ;3; The door was locked (what seemed to be a hook and eye at the top; I was able to pull it open a bit but not enough to slip through) but since it was a screen door so I just pressed my lens against the screen to get a shot of the interior, haha.

Taken a couple of days ago, I just thought it was a nice shot.

This webbing was easily three times the size of my head and I just thought it was pretty, all covered in dew.

Taken sometime last year.

Taken sometime last year.

Taken a few days ago, I was actually just trying to seem busy so that my sister would leave me alone but I ended up with a nice shot, haha.

OH YES, so for any photographers out there, I'm not a professional photographer! Nor do I consider myself an amateur photographer. I'm strictly a cellphone photographer lmao.
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Easy Flourless Muffins, Bars and Cookies: Delicious Recipes for Healthy, Portable Gluten-Free Snacks, by Amanda Drozdz: All the recipes in this book are gluten-free, but not exactly flourless. Drozdz gets around this by calling for whole oats, and then having you pulverize them in the blender. That's oat flour, but whatever. Most of these recipes are made in a high-powered blender, and call for oats, ground flaxseed, honey, almond butter, almond milk, and often Greek yogurt, almond flour, and eggs. A lot of the recipes are oil free (if you don't count the oil in the almond butter), grain free, dairy free, and can be made refined sugar free and vegan. At the top of each recipe, it tells you what it's free from. None of the recipes use gums, and there's only the occasional use of arrowroot powder (or you can use cornstarch instead). Because the muffins are oil free, the author recommends using parchment paper muffin liners because the muffins will stick to ordinary paper cups; I can only imagine how expensive those are. (Amazon says 120 for $6.79, yowch. Wait, fuck you, Amazon, Target has the same cups, 60 for $1.99. Still pricey, but much better. I do have reusable silicon muffin cups but they're such a pain to waahahash.)

The book has a color picture for each muffin, bar, or cookie, and they all look pretty great. The recipes have a description of the taste and texture, measurements by volume and weight (grams), storage advice, and sometimes substitutions, though not for the coconut flour or oil, which are things I would want to replace.

There's a lot of chocolate and bananas, as well as carrots, zucchini, apples, pumpkin, and cheesecake topping. There's even an entire chapter for one-serving microwave muffins, as well as one devoted to chocolate. I have a lot of the recipes flagged, and I like that they're not the usual white rice flour and starch, but I don't like using honey as a sweetener because it can have a cloying flavor, and also maybe I don't want almond butter in everything? Because that shit is expensive?? But I'll give it a try. The pictures are really inviting.

The index is thorough too. It's just a really nice book.

Update: My food sensitivities are out of control, so I made the dairy free banana bread muffins and they turned out amazing? Tender, moist, and light, which blows my mind considering what's in them, or not in them. The only problem is I don't like banana bread. I know, I know, but I had some super ripe bananas. I know. I'm going to make the pumpkin muffins next. I do love a pumpkin muffin.
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Title: The Witch Hunt of the Tamer of Flames
Fandom: Town of Salem
Word Count: 1306
Warnings: Implication of sexism and racism
Rating: PG
A/N: The speed at which I which I wrote this is not even funny. Just over an hour, and most of that was editing. I think I'm upset - as both a female and PoC. This is based solely on my own experience and should not deter you from attempting to play this game. This, somewhat sadly, fits the 'Witch Hunt' square on my [community profile] hc_bingo card.

This is based solely on my own experience. )
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October 12th, 2017
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The Parents' Network
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2 (complete)
word count (story only): 1673

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, again connecting the Gentle Soul story set with the Mercedes story set. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: Very mild hints of common illness in a toddler, a frank and discomfiting conversation about souls (for which the author is NOT trying to take a side), and light discussion of privacy/ethics among patients with the same therapist. ALL very light, but some will find one or more topics discomfiting. ::

back to part one

“What will you do if the children are typical instead of 'gifted'?” Aidan set his glass on the end table, then shut down his laptop.

Graham pounced to answer. “I expect that the other therapist and I will be working as a team to provide enough opportunities for the family to get the support they need, which is my primary reason for asking if 'soul powers,' as you call them, would even apply in this situation.”

Aidan pressed a sienna-dark hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. “Spoken like a scientist,” he offered, still bemused. He thought for several minutes, sipping occasionally at the glass, then getting up to put the empty glass in the kitchen sink.
Read more... )
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I'm working on being more active online. I spend so much time online but I'm always quiet as hell. xD Remember my good old days of random posts? I need to go back to that. =B

Lessee... I'm at 16 out of 25 books for the Goodreads reading challenge. Um......! 11 of them are manga. /o\ At this point I'm not even gonna fight it. ALSO, why is Stephen King's IT so goddamn longggggggg??? I will finish it before the end of 2017 but hot damn. xD (I never read it before so.)

I'm back to reading the Teppu manga, btw. Woo! (I'm, already, debating what to manga to read next. I'm torn between Akuma no Riddle and Hanakaku. I saw the Akuma no Riddle anime a while back but I always wanted to check out manga. (And I guess at this point it would be a good refresher... And I want more Haruki/Isuke, okay? Jeeze, talk about twisting my arm... xDD ) But Hanakaku sounds really good! =S

Ah and does anyone watch Fear the Walking Dead? Cuz I'm so disappointed they killed off a character I really like in the recent episode and I need someone to be angry and disappointed with. xD (ALSO, Channel Zero: No End House! WUUUUT???!)

As for games, Town of Salem has been frustrating lately. I've had a lot of false accusations against myself in the first TWO DAYS get me hung lately. FRUSTRATING.

Oh, and concerts! I wanna go to a music concert in February! I'll prob have to go alone tho. =( Peeps don't like my music. (It's just rock but I'm greatly alone in my alt rock/rock love at home.)

Also, I applied for FAFSA earlier. I accidentally submitted before checking it thoroughly. crap. Hoping I can edit it soon. I applied for next fall. I thought of applying for spring but meh, I rather wait it out til fall. I'm still not sure if I should do part time or full time college. It's going to kill me either way. rip me. x.x;
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I started my increased dose of Celexa on Sunday. For whatever reason, it is not technically possible to get a 30mg pill of Celexa (or generic), so our choices were either take one-and-a-half 20mg pills, or take three 10mg pills. Splitting pills is a pain, so my doctor and I went the second route. The pills are so tiny, I always feel like I'm going to lose them in the gaps between my fingers no matter how tightly I press them together. *hands*

Anyway, I have been absurdly exhausted this week, but as always I am unsure how much of that is the medication and how much is my generally terrible sleep patterns. However, I have noticed that I've been sleeping... not badly, exactly, but more lightly/less deeply? Also having more weird dreams, or at least more weird dreams that I remember because I'm just awake/aware enough to notice them as they happen. And I am pretty sure that part is a medication side-effect.

Anyway, I am trying a new policy of going the fuck to bed by 11pm every night. I have not had great luck imposing bedtimes on myself in the past, but I think part of the problem is that my previous bedtime attempts have been more in the nature of "if you are still up at this hour, something has gone Terribly Wrong and you must initiate Emergency Sleep Protocols immediately" and by the time I've reached that point, I am so tired I can't make good decisions anymore so I just stay up even later. I figure 11pm is early enough to avoid that pitfall, and also making my cutoff happen before midnight avoids another mental pitfall of "oh well it's tomorrow already; I might as well stay up another hour." So fingers crossed, I guess.


Tangentially, today I failed to give blood for the second month in a row, because I am a little bit under the Red Cross's minimum acceptable hemoglobin levels -- not to the point where I'm medically anemic, but still. I wonder if that might be a medication side-effect as well, and/or if it's contributing to my tiredness. I have been having some minor gastrointestinal issues that could mean I'm not getting as many nutrients from food as usual, in which case supplements might be worth looking into...
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