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Name:15 minute ficlets
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Community description:Writing in 15 minute bursts
This idea taken from the now defunct [ profile] 15minuteficlets. Prompt will be posted once per week (there's a master list if anyone wants to catch up). Post your ficlet or a link to your ficlet in response to the prompt post.

Prompts will be under a cut; the idea is to see a word, write for fifteen minutes and post what you create. It's not meant to be a see the word, mull on it for a week, and sit down for fifteen minutes at the end and write something.

On the other hand, I'm pretty bad at following directions, myself, so you're not going to get slapped if that's the way you do things. It's just supposed to be about spontaneous writing, is all. If that isn't your cuppa, then don't worry about it - do it the way that works for you.

Now - regardless of how you play along, we ask that you not post the prompt anywhere public. If you want to acknowledge that you wrote the fic for this community and you're posting on your own journal, please only reference the number or the community, not the specific prompt (or put the prompt under a cut so people can avoid it if they choose to). It is actually possible to spoil people for the word of the week, and I'd appreciate it if you helped make that not happen.

You don't need to be a member to post your fic or link, but you are welcome to join if you like. Only the mod will be able to put up posts, though.

Feel free to comment on others' ficlets but please do not flame. If the author requests concrit, or posts on a space that welcomes concrit, then go for it. But seeing as this is supposed to be spontaneous, unbetaed writing, please take that into consideration.

In short, be excellent to each other.

If you need to contact a mod, please comment on this catch-all post or email kisahawklin at gmail dot com.


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