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Prompt #210

If you wish to do this as a spontaneous exercise, don't look at the word until you're ready to write (I recommend having Write or Die open in another tab). If you're going to mull over the word and write later, peek away.

Once you've completed your ficlet, please either comment here, or post a link to it, if you're posting on your own journal. Feel free to reference the community or number of the prompt in your outside posts, but if you use the actual word, please put it under a cut to avoid spoiling others, should they want to write spontaneously.

Today's word is: grit

grit [grit]

1. abrasive particles or granules, as of sand or other small, coarse impurities found in the air, food, water, etc.
2. firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck: She has a reputation for grit and common sense.
3. a coarse-grained siliceous rock, usually with sharp, angular grains.
4. British, gravel.
5. sand or other fine grainy particles eaten by fowl to aid in digestion.

verb (used with object), gritted, gritting.
6. to cause to grind or grate together.

verb (used without object), gritted, gritting.
7. to make a scratchy or slightly grating sound, as of sand being walked on; grate.

8. grit one's teeth, to show tenseness, anger, or determination by or as if by clamping or grinding the teeth together.

If you've missed a word or twelve and would like to catch up, please see the Master List.
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Title: A Single Step
Fandom: Homestuck
Word Count: 600
Summary: Jade can make things be fine on her own. She can! But sometimes it gets hard.

link to fic