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Prompt #17

If you wish to do this as a spontaneous exercise, don't look at the word until you're ready to write (I recommend having Write or Die open in another tab). If you're going to mull over the word and write later, peek away.

Once you've completed your ficlet, please either comment here, or post a link to it, if you're posting on your own journal. Feel free to reference the community or number of the prompt in your outside posts, but if you use the actual word, please put it under a cut to avoid spoiling others, should they want to write spontaneously.

Today's word is: shiny

Re: Prompt: Shiny

[personal profile] blood_and_night 2010-01-22 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Love this line: River danced off with it, the dress an unwilling partner in a risque tango (I enjoyed the rest too!)
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Shiny = Treasure =Gold= Dragon= This

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Another unfinished, unedited one.
~_- ~_-

Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hitsugaya Toushirou and Kurosaki Ichigo (gen)

"Toushirou there is something that I've always wanted to ask you."

Toushirou, not breaking his stride as he jumps to the next rooftop, acknowledges Ichigo's question with a quick glance mid-air.

"Okay, a zanpuktou is basically an avatar for your inner soul. Your sword shares your good points and your bad ones.

"Is this going anywhere?" Toushirou stops to turn at his friend, his neutral face slowly drooping into aggravated territory.

"Other than you grouchiness and your penny pinching , what other characteristics do you share with Hyourinmaru."

Toushirou's left eyebrow raises at the question. His hands fold as he seriously wonders at the public education system. "I'm not grouchy, I'm just surrounded by an adjutant who continues to believe she's in her academy days and leaves me with mountains of paperwork. And I grew up in the slums, penny pinching is a way of life there."

"But not now. You just horde money all over you place. You have credits in your kitchen."

"The bedroom is a bad place. Thieves look there."

"Who the hell would be stupid enough to try and rob a Gotei Captain."

"I don't know. A desperate person."

"What about kidnapping and ravishing damsels. Momo fits most of the characteristics for a princess." Ichigo remarks before wincing, remembering the emotiona mindfield his friend is currently navigating.

"Yeah," Toushirou's voice seems pensive.
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Re: Shiny = Treasure =Gold= Dragon= This

[personal profile] oskalaboska 2010-01-21 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks. It's kinda a idea that i'd been knocking around in the back of my head for ages.

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Morgan commented with a wicked smile, sitting back in her chair, expensive boots propped up on the desk. The flipped silver coin tumbled neatly into the palm of her hand and she closed her fingers over it.

"You want it or not?"

The man in the dark hat growled, his voice coming gruffly from behind the tattered muffler pulled high around his jaw.

"I've kind of got it now whether you like it or not, hm?"

Morgan teased, opening her eyes wide, playful and innocent. The man took a step towards her, a tiny one, more of a leaning forward. It was enough to make her sit back in her chair suddenly, like a small, soft creature cornered by the talons of the hawk about to make it into lunch. She didn't care for the feeling, glaring up at her potential client with sudden hatred.

"Anything for the money, right?" She sneered "You people just love to hand over cold hard cash and forget about it, no need to get your hands dirty."

She watched his shadowed face with a grin. It worked every time. They wanted to argue, say that they were paying her bills, paying her way, but they couldn't. They couldn't deny that in a city where guns were as good as currency and death was cheaper than than the seediest hookers, it took a special sort of coward to employ an assassin. Most people took their chances, let the law of the jungle rule their lives. Morgan found a twisted satisfaction in doing the job for those who thought themselves so far above the ways of the city; the drug barons, the CEOs, wives of merchant bankers who'd never break a nail to take out an enemy. It gave her reason to feel superior. Death was her currency. A swift demise, another one who wasn't strong enough to survive the city.

Later that night, Morgan walked slowly down a cobbled alley, taking her time, enjoying the thick mist that veiled the city and the click of her heels on the cobbles. The gun she held so casually in her left hand still smoked slightly, the dark hulk of the man who'd made a cuckold out of the dark-hatted sleaze slumped in the alley behind her. Another death, she mused as she stashed the gun back in its holster and lit up a cigarette, taking a long deep draw. After 20 years as an assassin, she knew her heart was like a stone in her chest, anything like tenderness long since squeezed out by callous pride. It was worth it though, she thought as she glanced up at the vague shape of the moon through the smog, the distant beauty failing to touch the granite within her. Sure, it wasn't pleasant, dealing in death and subterfuge night in and night out but it was the price she paid to survive the city that never slept. Her heart had long since been bought and sold for a shiny piece of silver.