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Prompt #188

If you wish to do this as a spontaneous exercise, don't look at the word until you're ready to write (I recommend having Write or Die open in another tab). If you're going to mull over the word and write later, peek away.

Once you've completed your ficlet, please either comment here, or post a link to it, if you're posting on your own journal. Feel free to reference the community or number of the prompt in your outside posts, but if you use the actual word, please put it under a cut to avoid spoiling others, should they want to write spontaneously.

Today's word is: thirsty

thirst·y [thur-stee]

1. feeling or having thirst; craving liquid.
2. needing moisture, as land; parched; dry or arid: the thirsty soil.
3. eagerly desirous; eager: thirsty for news.
4. causing thirst: Digging is thirsty work.

If you've missed a word or twelve and would like to catch up, please see the Master List.
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[personal profile] edenfalling 2014-07-02 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: To the Lees
Fandom: Homestuck
Word count: 625
Summary: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Jade English/ Dave Strider. Alpha timeline fluff.

"You look hideously overworked, which I believe may be the third sign of the apocalypse," a familiar voice pronounced, cutting through Dave's snarled thoughts. "Want a drink?"