June 24th, 2017
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Cars 3 last night! \o/ And it was everything I could have asked for.

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Detours and Obstacles
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3
word count (story only): 1683

:: This story follows immediately on the heels of Speed Bump!” and continues the theme of unexpected events and unexpected reactions. I do apologize; I usually plan better than this! Enjoy the last part of the story! ::

back to part two
:: Thanks for reading! ::

“We're going to Its Your Body Shop,” G began, shrugging diffidently, as only a teen could.

“In Humboldt?” the young woman blurted. Her fingers clenched, revealing large, white knuckles beneath her golden skin. “Like, really?”

“Yeah,” G brightened. “It would make the whole thing more fun if I knew somebody wading through things at the same time. I mean, my friends are great, but the only person who came close to understanding was almost literally run out of town by her family's reaction.” The teen pointed out the tinted side window on the van. “Dad, the tow truck's almost here.”

“Already?” Joshua frowned, then smoothed it away. He wasn't trying to overly influence the young woman, and she had every right to back out because of the emotional upset of the day.
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I feel like I'm on nobody's side when it comes to fights over gender headcanons, especially when it's characters whose gender was handled indelicately or ambiguously in-canon, because I always default to headcanoning them as nonbinary/genderfluid when there's any hint of a question.

Possible spoilers for Danganronpa, Persona 4, and Voltron )

Is any of that what the creators intended? Probably not!
Am I projecting my own nonbinary identity onto fictional characters! Absolutely!

But it does mean that I have characters I can identify closer with, and it means that no matter what gender people write them as in fics, I can get on board with it.
So I'm gonna keep doing it because it makes me happy.
June 23rd, 2017
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I'm think gonna start doing Fanart Friday - collecting cool fanart I find or am linked to throughout the week and sharing it with you guys! Obviously, I'll source everything as best I can - it's just a shame that I still get sent a lot of cool fanart that's on Tumblr, but I can't share it with others because I don't use that site any more.

Night In The Woods:

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Steven Universe:

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Yuri on Ice

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My grandpa has been in the hospital for a week, and last night my aunt called and said that he's taken a bad downturn and Grandma thinks all the children should come out.

So Mom and Dad threw a suitcase each together and took off in the truck. They'll be there in a few hours.

I'm close to my dad's parents.

ETA: This side of the family is my dad's side of the family - the grandfather I'm close to. (My mother's parents died when I was in my teens.)
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Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.

I'm okay! I actually ended up spending most of the day alone, watching SVU and playing on Pinterest. Mom and my sister went to places but I really resent my sister inviting herself over like she did (and she knew it) so I elected to be alone.

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Let's see. I'll get back to fandom soon.
June 22nd, 2017
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Detours and Obstacles
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 3
word count (story only): 1423

:: This story follows immediately on the heels of Speed Bump!” and continues the theme of unexpected events and unexpected reactions. I do apologize, but it's spilled over into a THIRD part for tomorrow. I usually plan better than this! ::

back to part one

“I don't know what those boys did to the car when they spray painted it, but the car just started spluttering, then it wouldn't go more than twenty miles an hour, with the gas pedal all the way down,” the motorist declared, her voice rising as the story spilled out like tea from a shattered pitcher. “Then it stopped and it won't even start!”

“Okay, that's probably because of something put into the gas tank,” Joshua soothed. “Did you report the incident? I mean, spray painting that phrase on someone's car is a hate crime.”

“I wasn't the one who noticed it first. The busboy at the Global Garden noticed it when he went outside with a bag of trash, and then the manager came to tell me that she'd called the police.”
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Because I'm paranoid about the other post getting lost. -.-;;;

[livejournal.com profile] zoicite, I'm stealing an idea from you. Since my calendar has been less than reliable long term, I'm going to start keeping track of my shows in my LJ. ^_^


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I had to go get this icon out of my LJ icon folder... Games!

I woke up earlier than I wanted to and, unable to fall back to sleep, I went ahead and took a run at the end of Suikoden, since I was pretty close. \o/ I did get all 108 Stars, so I did get that amazing end~~ ♥ Now that I'm twenty years late to the party, it's time to look for fic?

I don't feel quite as attached to everyone as I did in SuikoIV, but that's understandable. I mostly used Flik, Viktor, Tir, Pahn, Cleo, Gremio, Kirkus, um... Kasumi for awhile, Rubi at the end, with a few others sprinkled in here and there. A very physical team. I never used Soul Eater until the final battle.

I love Gremio so much. And I want to go replay SuikoIV for Ted. ^^;; Though I'll be good and do II next, when the guide shows up.

I want piles of Gremio/Tir everywhere, and however the universe wants to give me Flik/Viktor. Hmm... who else? A lot of the canon couples were really cute - Hix & Tengaar, Lepant & Eileen, Kirkus & Sylvana, etc.

I would give a lot of money for a shiny remake of this game with about twice the character stuff, some loose ends tied up, etc. (Well, some may get tied up in SuikoII?)

Gah, I'm so happy~~
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The taxi was ten minutes late, but Ithaca airport security is pretty efficient so I got to the plane on time. All my connections went smoothly, and though takeoff from the Twin Cities was a little delayed by weather, that flight actually landed at Bemidji a few minutes early. Victory!

I am on the island, in the cabin, and will probably make a longer post tomorrow after I have pulled myself back together a bit more. :)
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Detours and Obstacles
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 3
word count (story only):1272

:: This story follows immediately on the heels of Speed Bump!” and continues the theme of unexpected events and unexpected reactions. This has spilled into a THIRD part, hence the corrected title. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: Very mild incidence of blasphemy. ::

On the way to drop the girl off, Mariset surprised everyone when she asked Cash for his phone number, but Joshua only grinned, when he wanted to punch the air in victory. She stayed close to Jules, poised with two careful inches of space between them on the blocky camper sofa. When they arrived at her house, her foster mother stepped onto their porch as Mariset activated the lift, quickly texting Cash to ask him to walk her to the front steps.

While they were busy, Joshua glanced at Jules' bare arms and shoulders, looking for signs of the daily artwork, or signs that someone had ordered him to scrub it off. He found a tiny bracelet of dots along one wrist, easily hidden by the band of the teen's vidwatch. “What's it say on your wrist?” Joshua asked, wincing as his worry leaked into his voice.

“Drew's name, and Glyn's name, over and over, because I miss them a lot,” Jules admitted. “Are you moving away?” the teen asked bluntly.
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My letter is under the cut.

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fecha 28: independiente 1 - olimpo 1
gen post partido.
menciona a: emiliano rigoni, lucas albertengo, nicolás tagliafico, fabricio bustos, alan franco, martín campaña, nery dominguez, martín benitez, dt ariel holan.

Ayudado por Emiliano, Lucas entra se sienta en uno de los bancos del vestuario y mira de reojo como cada uno parece ser parte de una rutina grande sin darse mucha cuenta. Taglia, que entra ultimo siempre, está haciendo lo mismo pero sin disimular. Tampoco necesita ni hablar ni pensar las ordenes para cada uno, solo los mira. Le dedica un segundo o dos más a Alan, que está masajeandole los muslos a Fabricio con lo que parece una mezcla exacta de preocupación, lujuria y mimo. Taglia parece satisfecho con eso y sigue su recorrido visual, por lo que Lucas lo ve mirar a Campaña, querer decirle algo y no decir nada al ver como Juan se ocupa del arquero. Lucas se pregunta sin preguntar si hay algo ahí. Nery se sienta al lado suyo y Martín del otro lado. Ninguno dice nada, pero los dos transmiten una algo que hace que a Lucas le de mucho, mucho sueño.

"Bueno," dice Tagliafico sin mover los labios, "ahora a trabajar en serio."

Holan le pone una mano en el hombro. No sonríe, pero casi.
June 21st, 2017
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So here I am again, posting to DW. I'm generally just going to say: this is a fandom journal. I like writing fic prompts here on DW, so I might as well use DW some more?

Anyway --

I'm accepting fanfic prompts! If you know I write it, have seen it on my AO3, or just generally know I'm into it, feel free to request it. Minimum 300 words right back at'cha.

As for RL news, I got a promotion and a raise today, so there's that. :) Making this post public for the prompts.
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1. Laundry! Washed, dried, air-dried, folded, hung, and put away.

2. Changed linens.

3. Withdrew cash to pay for cab rides to and from the airport.

4. Bought gum for airplane takeoffs and landings.

more items under the cut )

21. Finished packing, aside from a few things I am still using/will use overnight, which I'll add to my suitcase or backpack in the morning.

The plan is to go to bed at 10pm tonight (and take a Benadryl in hopes of knocking myself out) so I will not be completely brain-fried when I get up at 4am in the morning. UGH.

I must remember to light candles to Meteora, Constructa, Constricta, Wayland, and Trilitus, to request good weather, no mechanical troubles with the planes, a smooth and timely flight, no airport delays or complications, and no taxi delays. (My pantheon of travel gods is about 85% a joke with myself. But only 85%. The other 15%... well, that's between me and my superstitions. *wry*)

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go wash some dishes and clean my teeth.
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Sega wants to turn its classic catalogue into 'the Netflix of retro gaming'

Sega exited the video game console business nearly 20 years ago, but the company still retains some of the industry’s most iconic characters and beloved classic catalogs. That explains why Sega decided to put resources toward an all-new initiative it’s calling Sega Forever. Announced earlier this morning, Sega Forever is the new banner with which the publisher will reissue games from its backlog on iOS and Android, starting with five titles to be released tomorrow in the US. A new title every two weeks after that, and every game will start out free, with players having the option to turn off advertising forever with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

The first five Sega Forever games are Genesis titles: Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II. But Sega doesn’t want to stop there. “I’ve got two decades worth of classic gaming content,” says Mike Evans, Sega’s chief marketing officer and development lead on Sega Forever. “Everything as far back as the SG 1000 Mark I through to Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast.”

I probably have Phantasy Star II in two or three different formats already, and yet my immediate thought was 'OH I NEED TO BUY PHANTASY STAR II'. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this and will probably end up jamming my tablet with Sega goodness. Especially when they get to Saturn stuff, since that's the generation I really missed and picking up back-catalogue Saturn stuff has been really difficult. I really only have about a dozen games for the system and that's including imports.
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Speed Bump!
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1, complete
Word count (story only): 1603

:: This story takes place seconds after the end of “More Than a Road Trip.” Part of the Mercedes story arc in Polychrome Heroics, this is meant to be a bit unexpected, but always, I write happy endings! ::

As soon as Cash rolled out the front door, intending to spare half a second to lock the door behind the two men, a wave of heat pressed down on him with relentless sunshine. “This place is crazy! I thought California had perfect weather!”

Joshua shook his head as he pointed toward a white and gray van camper with a long, sleek nose and no sleeping bunk above the driver's seat. “That's just what we tell the tourists to get them here. Just wait until it's above a hundred and ten for more than a week.”

Cash shuddered. “That's bonkers! I had better weather on bivouac in the desert!” he insisted.

Officer Tull laughed, in a tone inexpressibly caught between sympathy and sadism. “Welcome to California,” he teased. “You thought you only had to worry about crazy off duty cops, didn't you? California's competing with Australia to kill or drive off the most humans.” He opened the side door behind the cab, revealing a wheelchair lift, and expertly operated the controls.
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I didn't feel well today but I made it through work, then went to pick up some groceries. While I was there, I decided to check my blood pressure. 172/108 with a heart rate of 100. Y i k e s. I came home, took something, and it's okay now. This Thursday is the first anniversary of my dad's death. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it.

Handel won in the GA 16th district. This is disheartening, even though it's not that surprising. I hate this state. The south would be a great place if weren't for the people.

I'm not doing great right now, haha.
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June 20th, 2017
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As any English-French dictionnary will tell you, the French word for "fox" is "renard".

It's not that this is wrong -- certainly, if you speak about "un renard" to a French person, they will know you're speaking of a fox -- but it's that it's not entirely true, either. It also omits my favourite part of the tale.

The word for "fox" in French is in fact "goupil".

Back in the Middle Ages (12th-13th century), there began to be written, collected and/or redistributed a set of folk tales involving animals. These animals are anthropomorphised and have names: the cat Tibert, Chanteclerc the rooster, Tiécelin the raven, Ysengrin the wolf, Hermeline the vixen and, most famous of all and the one who gave his name to the collection of these tales, Renart the fox.

Le Roman de Renart is a really fun collection of tales about Renart, trickster extraordinaire.

Renart goes by many variations on his name: Reynhard, Renard, Raynard, Regnard, Reinhart... He tricks the wolf out of hams. He becomes godfather to a bird's children. He's funny, he's charming, he's a rogue -- he's Robin Hood!

But by far the greatest trick Renart ever pulled was convincing the French that there are no foxes but him -- or perhaps, that he is all the foxes and all the foxes are he.
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Also, I'm going to need at least two boxes to pack up notebooks just from the dresser. Which are all blank notebooks.
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I'm just going to show myself out.
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Been thinking about fandoms where fic happens for me, and where it doesn't.

I very rarely tend to read or write fic for movies - they're a fully encapsulated story, most of the time, and there's rarely much wiggle room for me to slot in a story of my own. Plus, I like to see the source material a couple times before writing fics, so, especially if it's new, I don't feel like I have the confidence to write the characters accurately, and worry too much about messing up on canon details.
The exceptions here (because of course I have exceptions) are when I feel a movie has left some details ambiguous, or if I wasn't satisfied with the ending, or if I was satisfied but not ready to let go of the characters, yet. But the latter, at least, are rare - I get attached to characters over a course of time, and 2 hours rarely is enough for me to latch onto them.
Similar with single-volume books, often - there's usually enough time for me to get attached to characters, but because the story is fully encapsulated, I just... rarely have anything to add. Also, purely book fandoms tend to be... significantly smaller. So it's just me yelling into the wind about them half the time.

With book series', comics, and shows, especially when there's a long time between releases? That's where I go wild, that's my playground.
I get attached to characters over the course of time the series runs, and every time a new canon addition is made to the universe, and there's a stretch of time after it, I kind of expand on the new info in headcanons and speculative fic, and in meta. I think it fosters a greater ground for creativity in general, at least for me and folks that work like me.
Like, as much as I get sour over Steven Universe delays, and I did with Gravity Falls, and I did with waiting for new Harry Potter books... I wouldn't have fallen in love with them so hard if I didn't have the wait, y'know?

Is anyone else in the same kind of boat? Do any of you actually prefer fic in one-offs like movies?
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More Than a Road Trip
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1 (complete)
word count (story only): 1354

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, and the Mercedes story arc. I'm hoping to clear up the confusion with G's father, the police officer who is called both “Officer Tull” and “Officer Bishop.” It also implies heavily that there will be another story, very soon! ::

Cash rolled to the front door in silence, then peered through the peephole that the landlord had installed only a few days before. He saw a badge, held at an angle that allowed Cash to read it easily. He hesitated, but unlatched the door and opened it as far as the security cable would allow. When he spotted the officer, some of the tension in his shoulders bled away. “Officer Bishop? Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, actually. You still have a driver's license, right?” The officer ran a hand over his short, mouse-brown hair.
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June 19th, 2017
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1. [community profile] nightonficmountain should open on schedule as all assignments are in. Of course there is the possibility that someone'll delete their work and/or entire ao3 account between now and Wednesday /still bitter

2. The latest Doctor Who episode made me cry. I'm a sucker for certain tropes. Also, I love me some Romans (especially Romans getting to face their bullshit) and that was an A++ use of Tacitus' "They make a desert and call it peace" speech. Also also, crows. YAY CROWS!

3. I bought some comics, because the bear is dead.*

* No actual bear harmed in the making of this post.

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six pepper seedlings in black plastic planters . five pepper seedlings in plastic planters and pots

1. peppers A2, A4, A6, B1, B3, and B5 - Monday, 19 June 2017
2. peppers C2, C4, C6, D1, and D3

three images under the cut )

As you can see, I have rearranged my peppers. Actually I had them rearranged for a while -- not in this exact configuration, which I adopted a couple days ago because I wanted to space out the squash planters a little -- but differently from the groups-of-six I was using for photos. This is because Landlord Dude has yet to fix the damn gutter on the back of the house, and consequently any rain harder than a drizzle (or that lasts longer than half an hour) turns the gutter into a waterfall that happens to be right over one of my kitchen windows/my back porch. So I make sure none of my poor plants are right under the cascade, because they are small and tender and do not deserve to be punched repeatedly in the metaphorical face. *wry*

As you can also see, I have staked sixteen of the peppers. I did not stake E6 because it's growing noticeably slower than the others, but I think I will do so Wednesday evening because I will be leaving on vacation Thursday morning and I am quite sure it will need a stake before I get home a week later. I also didn't stake B5 because the poor dear is only just beginning to recover from its savage beheading -- it is growing a new leaf! Life finds a way!

Pepper D5 has something wrong with its leaves. I suspect it may have caught some residue from the fungicide/insecticide I sprayed on the Lazarus pepper a couple weeks ago, but the newest tiny leave seem on track to be normal rather than crumpled, so I trust it will do all right in the long run.

two images under the cut )

tiny green bell pepper on a pepper plant

8. the Lazarus pepper - Monday, 19 June 2017 (OMG AN ACTUALFAX PEPPER!!!)

And last but not least, the Lazarus pepper bloomed! The first bud opened on Wednesday, and as of today that first flower has lost its petals (heavy rain, what can you do?) to reveal an ACTUALFAX PEPPER. It is so tiny. And so cute. :DDD

I continue to fight a rearguard action against the evils of the white mulberry tree. You have no idea how many berries I have to sweep off the porch every day, or pick out of the pots and planters, to say nothing of the infinite mulberry seedlings I have to uproot and toss away.

(If you haven't realized by now? I hate mulberry trees. I mean, they are probably lovely trees in an orchard, or out in the woods where they can do their own thing without bothering anyone, but trust me, you do NOT want them in your yard. Not in a million years. They are a MENACE.

Also they attract squirrels, but that is a separate problem.)

four images under the cut )

Meanwhile, unidentified marauders (*cough* squirrels *cough*) tried to uproot Tan and/or shred its stem again, but so far as I can tell the leaves retain enough connection to the root system to stay alive. Also I have buried the long, floppy part of the stem under even more potting soil -- I did the same for Sethera while I was at it -- and have tried to prop up the vertical parts of the plants such that they have proper support and won't tip over under their own weight as the grow.

Azer and Covera, of course, do not suffer from this problem as they never went through a floppy phase of growing sideways in search of the sun, and are both growing great guns. I am fairly sure their mutual end goal is to devour my porch. Sethera and Tan probably share this ambition, though they are not quite as well-placed to follow through on it. *wry*

I have spaced out the four planters a little bit, but I am beginning to think that I may have to move one or two of them off the porch entirely. I am not sure where else they could go. Down in the yard among the raspberry canes? (Which survived last year's drought and have put up slightly alarming amounts of new growth; I think they want to devour my porch as well, though from below rather than from above.) In the front yard behind the shelter of the hedge? In the driveway beside the trash cans?

I will have to consider this before they get too big to move...

[[original Tumblr post (peppers), for when the embedded images inevitably break ; original Tumblr post (squash), for when the embedded images inevitably break]]
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Wow, I kind of forgot to make one of these posts for a while, didn't I? I knocked my sleep schedule out of whack midway through and got stuck in a rut where I am a little too brain-fried to be productive and instead spend hours surfing the internet and not getting to bed early enough to fix the sleep debt problem. But I think I may finally have started wrenching myself back into a more useful schedule as of last night. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, stuff!

1. Took my weekly vegetable photos and posted them. Also applied some MiracleGro.

2. Made my weekly Facebook update post.

3. Finished reading Marie Brennan's Within the Sanctuary of Wings (which I enjoyed a lot -- I really do think the Memoirs of Lady Trent series gets better as it goes on, and I'm sad to see it finished) and returned it to the library.

more items under the cut )

15. Finally pinned down a meeting time with the DRE to talk about Youth Group activities this summer and in the 2017-18 year. Unfortunately, because we kept getting distracted and I will be gone for a while, the meeting isn't until July 2, but hey, at least we now have a time and date.

16. Took my trash bin to the curb for pickup.

17. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup.

And that is that.
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June 18th, 2017
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Divided Opinions, United Effort
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3
word count (story only): 1477

:: This story begins a few minutes after “Risk and Reward,” (part one and part two) and is therefore still part of the “Danger and Discovery” series, set in the Polychrome Heroics universe. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: the discussion about the baby's placement as a refugee too young to speak for themselves, gets pretty intense. Mention is made of the ruthless methods used to acquire at least one of the children Juan has found. ::

back to part two
to the Danger and Discovery index
:: Thanks for reading! ::

“I understand,” Drew spoke slowly, sagging back in his chair. “How do you decide, either of you? This is your job every day, isn't it?”

“You try your best,” Ms. Silva declared, glancing sideways at her companion. “We can't predict the future.”

Ms. Hutthu nodded. “Remember, it won't be just one person helping. There are teachers, neighbors, her playmates' parents, and ongoing help from assigned social workers who can arrange therapy, find a soup mentor, and so forth. We want more citizens, Drew. We want soups to feel safe here, because the efforts of some soups have kept our islands from sinking and our businesses from floundering.”
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Alright, let me make an actual post instead of just fic and card claims, haha.

I spent all day watching the first half of season 14 of SVU so I could get more familiar with Barba's character (I have not seen most of these episodes! How have I already written fic, this is terrible!) and now I'm watching Fear the Walking Dead (which is actually interesting this season, what a shock!).

For original fiction writers, this showed up on my twitter timeline: JMS is having a submission call for Food of Love (LGBT romance stories). It sounds like a cute and fun call. :3

Facebook continues to be a mistake; one of my half-brothers contacted me. I'm super not interested in talking to this man. For one thing, we haven't spoken for at least 22 years. For another thing, he never reached out to my dad. My mom tried so hard to find dad's kids for him and she couldn't do it, and they certainly never reached out to us, and now dad is gone. I certainly don't have any interest in talking to pretty much anyone on my father's side of the family. Like, thanks but no thanks, you know? I dunno. I will probably just never respond.
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[community profile] hc_bingo card

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I've made a ton of progress on writing but I'm still nowhere near where I want to be in prompt fills. So let's add another bingo card on top of it! :D :D :'D

My hc_bingo card )
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I bought Night In The Woods yesterday, and finished it today.
It absolutely took my breath away.
I'm gonna talk about it in detail here, and a lot of it will be spoilers - please, if you've not played it yet and you intend to, finish it before reading this. It's one of those games that absolutely needs to be gone into with minimal spoilers for you to get the real punch out of it.

I'm gonna put spoilery content warnings under a cut first, though, for people that might have issues because some of the themes are potentially somewhere between upsetting and triggering - I'll write them out as vaguely as I can!
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Spoiler-filled thoughts )

TL;DR - if you haven't played this game, it's absolutely worth every last penny.
If you have, oh my god, come talk with me about it, I need to talk about it more but I don't want to spoil it for my friends
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fecha 17 (recuperado): defensa y justicia 1 - independiente 2
menciona a: juan sanchez miño, martín campaña, nicolas tagliafico, alan franco, fabricio bustos, nery dominguez, ezequiel barco, walter erviti, dt ariel holan, profe kohan

Cuando están entrando, Juan se le acerca y sin hablar ni pensar empieza a sacarle los guantes. Martín lo deja, esperando recibir explicación en algún momento y si no, está bien. Se distrae cuando detrás de ellos Nery pasa con Ezequiel, no están hablando pero son muy ruidosos y los sigue Walter con una sonrisa que Martín nunca le había visto, ni después del gol a Huracán.

Opuesto a cuando saludan, Taglia entra último. Cuando Campaña lo ve le dirige un "¿'tas bien?" y Nicolás hace que si con la cabeza, pero acepta la botella de agua que le alcanza Alan y la toalla que le pasa Fabricio "Bueno, avisale a tu cara" lo reta Martín y con la misma solemnidad que lleva la cinta, Tagliafico le saca la lengua.

Después, el barullo se hace real y hasta se escucha la voz de Holan y Kohan poniéndose de acuerdo en algo. Martín tiene las manos libres de guantes ahora y le acaricia la cara a Juan, que le sonríe.
June 17th, 2017
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Title: Coming 'Round
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 1536 words
Summary: The early morning provided a beautiful view of the city. Carisi and Barba are too wrapped up with each other to notice.
Content Notes: Romance, dirty talk, rimming, pet names, banter.
Author Notes: Written for the 'sunrise' square of my [community profile] fffc card. UH this was suppose to be 500 words long and romance only and then whoops, porn.

Coming 'Round )

On AO3.
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Divided Opinions, United Effort
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 3
word count (story only): 1143

:: This story begins a few minutes after “Risk and Reward,” (part one and part two) and is therefore still part of the “Danger and Discovery” series, set in the Polychrome Heroics universe. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: the discussion about the baby's placement as a refugee too young to speak for themselves, gets pretty intense. Mention is made of the ruthless methods used to acquire at least one of the children Juan has found. ::

back to part one
to the Danger and Discovery index
on to part three

Instead, Tolliver spoke up. His fork clinked lightly on the nearly empty stoneware plate in front of him. “How will you guarantee that?”

“By checking up on them, of course. Having a backup plan, or just plain asking if the kid is okay. This time next year, they'll be talking, right?” Juan shrugged. “Even a surface scan from a telepath would be enough to know whether the child is in a family that wants them, right along with their soup identities.”

“Again,” Drew argued, his jaw tight, “you're all talking like she's just going to follow the plan. Babies want love, and comfort, and food and sunlight and human contact. You're all overlooking the fact that they both might have formed opinions about their bodies, even if they've never seen themselves in a mirror. They might cling to each other or reject each other for the same reasons.” He cuddled the baby in his arms for a moment, whispering in another language. “If I am speaking for her, I need to know what she wants, first.”
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posted by [personal profile] dhampyresa at 11:08pm on 17/06/2017 under
I got to see all the fandom folks today! It was awesome! The RPG went well.

I don't think I'm going to run [community profile] history_exchange this year. I didn't think about it until recently, I couldn't even remember how I'd spelled it (historyex? historyexchange?) and nobody seems to have missed it. I can't really run it now because I don't have enough visibility to set dates on it anymore. Maybe next year.

[community profile] nightonficmountain might open on time this year! This has never happened before; Is the curse finally broken? (Probably just jinxed it, oops.)

[community profile] starwarsrollingremix will most likely run again next year, but I might need to recruit someone for the starter story this time around.

Not much going on fannishly with me right now. I'm not even really writing fic? I am writing things, but I can't really point at any of them and say "That's my main fic project". Mostly focusing on the novel and NoFM (sometimes I am tempted to do a ~lessons modding fan exchanges has taught me~ post, hahaha).

I'm kind of doing fanart. Having 'preset' appearances cuts down a lot of overhead when the point of a daily sketch is to practice anatomy/shading/etc.

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June 16th, 2017
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Divided Opinions, United Effort
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 3
word count (story only): 1128

:: This story begins a few minutes after “Risk and Reward,” (part one and part two) and is therefore still part of the “Danger and Discovery” series, set in the Polychrome Heroics universe. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: the discussion about the baby's placement as a refugee too young to speak for themselves, gets pretty intense. Mention is made of the ruthless methods used to acquire at least one of the children Juan has found. ::

to the Danger and Discovery index
on to part two

As Juan Carlos followed Libby into the dining area, he spotted Tolliver and Graham, sitting side by side,their shoulders bumping gently together, confirming the other's presence. Drew, the auburn-haired teen surrounded by blonds, tucked himself between his father and his mother, with the baby cuddled in his lap. Conveniently, and probably deliberately, they had taken the open, exposed seats that left their backs vulnerable to anything which might be lurking in the tropical landscape.
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chicken and vegetables on rice, topped with lemon yogurt, with a bottle of hard cider to the right

I finally made the third Blue Apron dinner tonight, so.

What Blue Apron assumes you have: stove, oven, cutting board, knife, small cooking pot with a functional lid, pan of reasonable size, a zester, several bowls and plates, measuring spoons, measuring cup, a whisk, a baking tray, a cooling rack, olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

What Blue Apron provides: chicken (pre-cut!!!), 1 zucchini, 1 onion, 1 lemon, some parsley, a small packet of whole almonds, a small container of currants, a pat of salted butter, a packet of spice mix (cardamom, cumin, and turmeric), 1/2 cup jasmine rice, and 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Cut onion into thin slices
2. Cut zucchini into quarters (lengthwise) and then into slices
3. Chop parsley and almonds (they can go into the same dish)
4. Zest lemon, then cut into quarters
5. Dump currants into a bowl and squeeze two lemon quarters over them so they can soak in lemon juice for a while

At some point in here, start the rice (the exact time will depend on how efficient you are at cutting and zesting):

1. Dump 1 cup water, the rice packet, and some salt into a small cooking pot
2. Bring to a boil
3. Cover and reduce heat to low
4. Cook ~13 minutes, or until all water is absorbed
5. Transfer ~half the rice to a baking tray and spread into an even layer
6. Set the rest aside in a warm place (I suggest removing it from the pot to avoid sticking)

At some point in the rice-cooking process, you will want to start pre-heating the oven to 475F.

While the rice is cooking, you can start the chicken:

1. Rinse and dry the chicken.
2. In a bowl, mix spice packet, salt, and black pepper
3. Dump the chicken in and mess it around until fully coated
4. Heat olive oil in a pan
5. Add chicken, cook on medium-high for ~7 minutes
6. Put chicken in a dish and set aside in a warm place

At this point you start the vegetables:

2. Add the onion and cook ~7 minutes
3. Once onion is soft, add the zucchini and cook ~7 minutes
4. Once zucchini is cooked, add the parsley, almonds, and chicken
5. Cook 1-2 minutes to mix flavors
6. You can add salt and pepper to taste at any point in this process

While the vegetables are cooking:

1. Drizzle olive oil over the baking tray
2. Bake the rice for ~8 minutes, stirring halfway through
3. Theoretically it should turn lightly brown and crispy
(NOTE: I did not cook the rice this long, because noticeably crunchy rice is kind of texturally gross to me)
4. Set aside to cool for 2-3 minutes
5. Mix into normal rice
6. Add the currants and lemon juice, mix thoroughly

Also while the vegetables are cooking:

1. Mix yogurt, lemon zest, and 1 tsp water in a bowl
2. Squeeze the remaining two lemon quarters into the mixture
3. Whisk everything together
4. Add salt and pepper if you want (I don't think it needs any)

Then you put the rice on a plate, dump some of the chicken and vegetable mix over it, and top everything with a blob of the lemon yogurt. The rice makes two portions, but the chicken-veggie mix makes three, so I guess I will be making some rice (and squirting it with lemon juice?) on Sunday night to go along with the third portion.

I was a little skeptical of the lemon yogurt, both as a general concept and as an accompaniment to this dish in particular, but trust me, you WANT to make and use it. It really pulls the whole meal together!

Also, this time the super-dry hard cider was the correct beverage choice. ;)

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Title: Heat
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 975
Summary: Carisi stays late working on a case. Barba notices and decides to stay with him. For a little while, anyway.
Content Notes: barely there D/s, non-consensual non-sexual touching, feelings realization.
Author Notes: Written for the 'air conditioning' square in my [community profile] fffc mini summer bingo card.

Heat )

On A03
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[personal profile] imperion and I went for coffee and this is what happened when I got back. This cat.
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Summary: Rose buys Jade a bonsai azalea, just because. Part of the Leaf and Letter AU.

Note: This ficlet was written in response to the prompt: i brought you home flowers just for the hell of it, no it doesn't matter that we've been together for three years and i've never done this before, they are pretty (and so are you i love you), from [tumblr.com profile] snogfairy's wholesome domestic prompts list. (1,000 words exactly)

[ETA: the AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Sweets to the Sweet )

Yes, I know the title is from a funeral speech. Rose is very committed to her aesthetic. :)
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June 15th, 2017
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Risk and Reward
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2
word count (story only): 1438

:: This follows moments after the three part story “Stress Testing,” (part one, part two, and part three) in the Polychrome Heroics universe and the Maldives “Danger and Discovery” story arc. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: Juan Carlos is extremely conflicted about medical care, which is why this is being treated as a separate story in the set. This section includes the small description of his wound. ::

The light began as simply as a faltering, sputtering candle. The light streaming through even the closed curtains was brighter on Heron's ankles as it seemed to pool on the hardwood floor, caught in the polished surface. The pool tossed up a single, faltering spark. Another.

Juan Carlos could not look away as more and more sparks twined together until they formed loose coils of light, rising to pool again in Libby's cupped hands. “Okay, Heron, I'm getting ready to start. What do you want to accomplish?”
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Spoilery reaction post again!
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 05:00pm on 15/06/2017
My mom and I watched the first episode of the fourth season of Sherlock and spoilers )

Also so I watch Law and Order: SVU, right? I know, I know, but look, it's my mom's show, it's a thing that has been around and on my tv ever since it started and it's weirdly comforting. Anyway, I've never been interested in its fandom at all. I didn't even know it had a fandom outside of like, older women on message boards or whatever.

But apparently I just need the right ship. Enter Dominick "Sonny" Carisi and Rafael Barba.


GUYS IT'S WEIRD TO BE READING FIC OF THIS SHOW???? Like, I have never had any interest ever of having anything to do with this and yet, here we are. I'm going to back and watch the 16th and 17th seasons. The 18th season, from what I remember, is basically garbage, but I'll rewatch it when it hits netflix. XD

And of course, I've got fic recs:

In Vino Veritas by [archiveofourown.org profile] etothepii: Also known as: Sonny Carisi's Life, as Told Through Binge Drinking. (Rated E)

breaking the stones in my wall by [archiveofourown.org profile] vlieger: "Get out of my office, detective," snaps Rafael. (Rated E)

in between (there's you and me) by [archiveofourown.org profile] gollumgollum: He doesn't like it when things get messy. He prefers clean breaks, and he deeply appreciates that this is the first moment that Sonny has even tiptoed over the line Rafael had drawn in the sand when he'd ended things between them. He doesn't want to encourage further intrusions, further boundary testing.


That's not really what this is, tonight. Even Rafael can see that. Sonny's so quiet, so withdrawn. He's hurt and hurting, and he came to Rafael because he didn't know where else to go. (Note Rated)

What the Rain Washed Up and Away by [archiveofourown.org profile] slashy: something small for leslielol, who asked that i write more barisi, and then prompted me both “accidental date” and “shitty weather”. (Rated G)

Treading the Riptide by [archiveofourown.org profile] flyingwide: Barba’s narrowed eyes flashed over him, assessing, and he knew any hope he had that Barba had by some miracle not managed to catch that was futile. “And you’re still interested?” he asked, voice soft and quiet and tripping some alarm in Sonny that blared “deadly.” He’s a danger to you, his mind screamed at him. He’ll eat you alive.


No one ever accused Sonny Carisi of being a coward. Or of having a strong sense of self-preservation. (Rated E)

Absolution by [archiveofourown.org profile] Robin: After the latest sins of the Catholic church are revealed, Carisi feels like his faith is shaken. But he finds reassurance in the last person he expected to follow him to a church. Takes place after Season 17, Episode 18: Unholiest Alliance. (Rated Teen and Up)

Also I made the mistake of reading a fic that hasn't been updated in a year and I'm so mad at myself. *___* It's so good but I have little hope of it updating. ;3;

ANYWAY, let's see. I think that's about it right now. :\a I need to find some icons now. XD
June 14th, 2017
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Risk and Reward
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 2
word count (story only): 1233

:: This follows moments after the three part story “Stress Testing,” (part one, part two, and part three) in the Polychrome Heroics universe and the Maldives “Danger and Discovery” story arc. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: Juan Carlos is extremely conflicted about medical care, which is why this is being treated as a separate story in the set. There's a very small section that implies that the two infants were not alone before their rescue. ::

Juan paused to let Tolliver cross through the open sliding door, already taking note of the people and the groaning dining table full of food. On the pass-through, he could see half a dozen takeout containers and an empty carton of milk. “He's here. Where's Libby?” Tolliver announced. “Oh, Juan, don't worry, this is just a few of us.”

Drew walked through the kitchen with the green and tan baby tucked against his body, smiling as the baby seemed to inhale a familiar looking liquid. Juan Carlos paused with his hand on the sliding door. “Did you feed that baby the same speedster drink you gave me?”
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