August 21st, 2017
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Remembering Minkie
by Dialecticdreamer/ Sarah Williams
part 1 of 4
word count (story only): 1516

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, and the Mercedes story set, but while it happens during the events of the Road Trip series, it can be read as a stand-alone piece. Only basic familiarity with my characters in Mercedes, plus the events and characters in “Big Brother and the Cyberbully” are needed. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: this story deals with the aftermath of an off-screen suicide, and how it affects a new friend of the deceased. There is intense emotion, confusion, and worry, but I believe the overall effect is positive (the view is worth the climb to get there). Readers can approach this story when or if they choose to. Feel free to PM asking specific questions if there's still a concern over story details. ::

“It should be raining.” Jules leaned against the tiny porch, staring accusingly at the cadet blue sky. “Why isn't it raining?”

Pips sighed, leaning against the closed front door. “I'm sorry, Jules. It's sometimes better to hear bad news from a friend of a friend, at least.”

“She shouldn't have died!” The teen kicked the railing, lightly. His heartbeat surged, then slowed. “She was… Minkie and I talked about all the things that she was doing right, looking for the things that I could do differently.”
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1. I totally forgot today was the eclipse -- I plead lack of sleep and also distraction (volunteering at the final day of my church's annual rummage sale) -- but fortunately I got my two sale rooms closed down by 2pm and was able first to see several pinhole projections other church members were using out on the sidewalk, and later to get a direct look through some glasses that Upstairs Neighbor E lent me while I was out walking Dottie.

It was pretty cool to see the moon take a bite out of the sun. :) It was also vaguely disquieting, because the sky went... not dark, you couldn't remotely call it dark... but noticeably gray. The color desaturated. Also, when Dottie decided that her midafternoon walk should end with a five minute relaxing lie-down in a sunny patch of grass, the direct sunlight was not nearly as warm as it should have been for that time of day and the ambient temperature. So, nothing dramatic, probably nothing I would have noticed if I hadn't been aware of the eclipse and therefore actively paying attention, but still. Pretty cool. :)

2. I called the doctors' office about getting a psychiatric evaluation/anti-depressant prescription, but was unable to make an appointment yet because I'm in a weird limbo where they're not sure if I count as a new or a returning patient, since my last appointment was apparently three years ago. The clerk who answered the phone took some information about my insurance and has sent an inquiry to their billing department. A representative should call me later this week, after which I will be able to schedule an appointment.

3. Three of my squash plants seem pretty definitively dead. The fourth (which was worst hit by the powdery mildew but seems to have escaped the wilting sickness that subsequently struck the other three) might be in the early stages of slow recovery. So I think I'll uproot the dead ones on Wednesday or Thursday and plant new seeds.

4. My church's rummage sale went pretty well, all things considered. I worked 12-4pm on Sunday, and 10-2pm today. The sale runs Saturday-Monday. Saturday is full-price, Sunday is half-price, and Monday is free with a donation box placed prominently at the exit. (We used to have Monday be 10-cent day, but that was immensely aggravating to everyone involved, so we swapped over to "free, but have you seen this donation box???" It turns out we not only save time this way, we actually bring in more money!) Monday is also the day we do preliminary breakdown, starting around noon -- first we start taking down a bunch of the shelving, and then we box everything up and cart it downstairs to the parlor so as to make things less inconvenient for the people hauling the unsold items away Tuesday morning.

(I think the unsold books go to the Friends of the Library book sale, but I wouldn't swear to it. The remaining fabric scraps probably go to one of the local sewing co-ops. I am also unsure what happens to the unsold linens and toys, though I think again there may be arrangements with various local charities. The rest... well, most of it goes to the dump. *sigh* But hey, it was going there anyway, and the sale does save an astonishing amount of stuff from being scrapped.)

5. Cornell classes started today, which meant that last week (and specifically Saturday) were the crush days for students moving back to Ithaca. And also students panicking and realizing they've forgotten to rent parking spaces. *wry* So the rental office was VERY BUSY -- in fact, Mom Boss and Aunt Boss came in to work from ~11am-4pm so we had four people in the office (usually Miss Cactus and I cover Saturdays alone), and that extra staffing was NECESSARY.

We will continue to be busy through... hmm... early October, probably? Here is why: A) people working out the glitches in their new apartments and returning their damage deposit inspection forms; B) the final parking rental rush; C) quarterly rent payments are due; D) people hurrying to pay for internet service after the free trial period ends; D) price listings for the 2018-19 year go up and we start apartment tours; E) current tenants get a couple weeks to renew or switch apartments before open renting starts; and F) open renting starts halfway through September.

But at least we're mostly done with key returns and sign-outs, we have the nice new folders for next year's leases set up, damage deposits and summer photographs are all done, and most of the giant packages in which people ship furnishings to themselves have arrived and been picked up. So that's something!
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40 -- thoughts on live-action adaptations?

About like any other adaptation? Could be good, could be bad... What I've seen of the Here is Greenwood live action is spot-on perfect, but then some, like Princess Princess, fall flat with the medium change. I look forward to a potential Saint Seiya live action, even if it's terrible! And I'm still tempted by the Ghost in the Shell movie with ScarJo even though I think she was a terrible choice for the role, because I like GitS. (Heck, I still want to see some of the other awful live action adaptations, like the Dragonball one and the Dead or Alive movie. I should get on this...)

I've actually never seen anything other than clips of various musicals, but those all seem great, too, and I love that they're a thing that exists.

So the answer is... sure, why not? Gonna be about the same hit/flop ratio of any other media~

omg this meme is finally over
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 04:26pm on 21/08/2017

What an amazing experience. I don't really even know how to explain what it felt like, how everything was so familiar and yet still so alien. Just. Awesome.
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As promised, I've got a slight limp from slamming my knee into the table last night while making my pinhole viewer.

9:03 — Go out to test my magic box before the eclipse starts at 9:06 am, and it works; there's a full circle of light inside my box, though the circle is more of a...square? I attempt to round out the pinhole with the tip of a pen, and now it's larger and more of an octagon. It's okay, I have time to fix it if necessary. It's a bright sunny day with no clouds.

9:10 — Already hearing sirens in the distance. Have to assume it's eclipse related.

9:18 — Try again. Light from pinhole now rounder. No visible slice of sun missing. Do I have it aimed in the correct direction? I can't turn around to look or I'll burn my eyes out.

9:23 — The internet goes down.

9:30 — Two neighbors stop in front of my house to stare directly at the sun through their cardboard eclipse glasses. I hope they don't go blind.

9:31 — Refresh the router. Go back to browsing Tumblr.

9:49 — Try the magic box again. Now seeing two round dots of light, one full, one with a chunk out of it. Science, or just a random hole in the corner of my box? No one knows. Still bright outside, but with a grey tone.

9:52 — Dad borrows a look through neighbor's eclipse glasses. Says there's a dark thing going across the sun, covering about a third.

9:59 — Box totally has two spots of light in, but one is definitely science. Now occluded by more than half. Still bright and greyish out, but flat. I get that silver nitrate feeling that Annie Dillard talked about.

10:11 — Getting dim out. Not a lot of confidence in my magic box. Too many holes. Who knows what I'm looking at.

10:15 — Ditch my pinhole viewer for a piece of stiff paper with a hole punched in it with a pen. Works much better, can see the crescent of the sun projected on the driveway in front of me. Weird waves of shadow buffet the asphalt, like water vapor, or wind made visible. I feel a chill, and get goosebumps on my legs. The light shining through the trees acts like hundreds of pinholes, projecting nested crescents of light on the house and garage. My dad has a pasta colander and achieves the same effect, hundreds of little crescent suns shining on a white piece of paper held at arm's length. The cat is staring at us through the window. The neighbors introduce themselves in the street. It gets darker as it nears 10:18, a few crickets start up, the streetlights come on. It's dim, muted, shadowy, but not dark.

10:20 — Starts to brighten.

10:21 — Assholes setting off fireworks.

10:30 — Still limping. Blame the eclipse for my injury.

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August 20th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] runpunkrun at 11:08pm on 20/08/2017
Okay, so I was sitting here, exhausted, thinking, "Fuck, I have to force myself to care about the fucking eclipse tomorrow."

Except I do care. So I found an old shoebox and made a pinhole viewer with these instructions (pdf) my pal kormantic sent me. And I even wrote ECLIPSEPOCALYPSE 2017 on the side, so it's super official. And I REALLY banged my knee on the table when I sat down to make it, so that'll be a nice memory.

I guess I'll go stand out in the yard around ten o'clock with my shoebox and see what happens.
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38 -- name a popular anime you hate.

Nah. I don't hate the anime; I hate the fandoms.

39 -- is there an anime you wish was more popular?

Hmm... I feel like my usual flippant answers of Hyperspeed Grandoll and Tekkaman Blade II fit in here pretty nicely. David/Dead End smut I don't have to write myself? Yespls.

One more day and then I'll try to just, y'know, talk about anime on my own and hopefully, idk, better?
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 6 of 6
word count (story only): 1233

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

“Your fellow officer seemed to treat it as a serious problem, as well. Will that be enough to instigate a change in leadership?” Il Dottore asked.

Joshua took a deeper breath than before, not quite sighing. “Almost certainly. The only question is how long it will take to name the next Chief.” He met the Italian's gaze. “Thank you. I don't feel like I'm going to shake out of my skin any longer.” He smiled, his shoulders tipping forward as he got ready to stand up.

The hand on his wrist tightened faintly. “Rest. There is more time to make plans, there is more time to help your son. Right now, simply be.”

“I've got a present for G stashed at the place where we stayed, called the Bird's Nest. It might be a good place for us to spend a few days, and hopefully Agent Tamsen can retrieve Isobel's mother, instead of taking Isobel away immediately… I'd feel so much more confident of their re-bonding that way, actually...” He trailed off, wistfully.
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August 19th, 2017
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 5 of 6
word count (story only): 1138

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

“Fine. Parental leave… can I give you a solid three months, and then maybe you won't need the other three?” Chief Mayhew asked hopefully. “Seriously, we're down two officers able to train the rookies right this minute, and Gonzalez is probably going on maternity leave the next time she drives over a speed bump the wrong way, which will take out one of our conflict resolution team, and it's harder to work out disputes with an even number of arbiters.”

“Thank you, sir,” Joshua breathed. “I'll… probably know more about what I want to do at the three month mark, yes. It's… not the same thing when I could orphan so many kids who can't even dress themselves.”

“Drop by the station when you get a minute to sign the paperwork, but I can email you the document for a temporary digital signature right now,” the Chief offered warmly. “And I'll start the usual congratulations card and basket. Should I leave off anything?”

Joshua pinched the bridge of his nose, just as someone else asked, “Chief, did you just imply that someone needed a psych evaluation for having kids?” in a slow, dangerously calm tone.
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37 -- name a popular anime you love.

Gundam. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Gundam - and mecha anime in general, but specifically Gundam - changed my life. While I've liked and watched Gundam since I started watching anime, I got really into it just under a decade ago and, thanks heavily to [personal profile] taichara, spent a lot of time in various Gundam universes, building Gunpla, etc. I spent so much time with the characters and machines that I started learning more about space, space colonization, mechanics, robotics... to the point where I was reading non-fiction books about real-world robotics, space, etc. When my job (at the time) announced they were going to stop offering healthcare to part-time employees and there continued to be no hope of ever getting a full-time spot, I decided to go back to school and do something better with my life. Picking a program was easy, and I excelled at it. Now I actually work with large machinery and robots on a daily basis. So if I ever fell through a mysterious portal into a Gundam series and had to do some emergency repairs on someone's mobile suit, no problem!

(And I am healthier, happier, have more time, have more money, and have more overall stability in my life. Thanks, Gundam. ♥)
August 18th, 2017
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 4 of 6
word count (story only): 1175

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

Wide-eyed, the Asian man stared at Cash, who made a 'gimme' gesture with his left hand. “Pay up,” the former bank robber declared. “I told you that it wouldn't work, Contrarian.”

The young man drew a bright pink leather wallet out of his back pocket and began rummaging through the card slots, retrieving two Greenbucks cards, then dipping into a concealed pocket for a third. “There. How'd you know?”

“I know him well enough for beer and pizza over movies so bad that the whole point is to mock them.” Cash laughed.

Contrarian narrowed his eyes, studying the blond officer. “So, how did you know that I wasn't really ticked off, or worried about the kids?”
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Iiiiiiii.... kind of totally forgot to make "stuff done" posts for the past week and a half? Hmm. I am still keeping up my to-do lists (though obviously not getting everything on them done every day), but I think perhaps if I keep stalling out on posting them, that part of the project is now doing more harm than good, so.

To summarize, over the past week and a half, I did some intake/sorting/setup for my church's annual garage sale (which runs this weekend, Saturday-Monday). I also acquired a set of four white wine glasses (which are actually pink -- "white" in this case refers to the shape/style rather than the actual glass color) for my parents and put an IOU into the box since I made off with them before the actual sale. The glasses, btw, are now safely in NJ at my parents' house.

I acquired a temporary dog. :D

I bought a replacement pair of slippers and a new pair of black not-quite-dress shoes for work. (I have had the damndest time finding black shoes that both look good and have enough support that they don't murder my feet if I walk a mile. Apparently nobody in the shoe manufacturing industry thinks women are going to regularly walk a mile in office work shoes? This is very short-sighted, in my opinion.)

I think my squash are dying. I am not sure if it's just the powdery mildew, or that plus some other thing, but they are all in extremely bad shape. I may just cut my losses, uproot them all, and start over with eight new seeds. I mean, I still have a solid two months of reasonable weather. It's worth a shot.

...I'll decide on Monday, I guess.

All nineteen of the peppers are fine, incidentally! Whatever attacked the squash has completely passed them over.

I posted my WIP Big Bang fic, but because of reasons, it is still not as edited as I wanted it to be, so I think I'll hold off on actually doing a link/advertising post here until I get it fixed up a little more. *sigh*

I am starting to think it really might be a good idea to look into getting back on antidepressants, because this general malaise, while not what I think of as "real" depression, has lasted for far too long and has been seriously affecting my quality of life for going on two years now. I find it hard to work up enthusiasm/energy for things I KNOW I like, and I have been letting far too many brickspace life tasks slide because I just can't pull myself together to deal with them.

Of course, figuring out how to get an antidepressant prescription is exactly the kind of brickspace task that currently feels impossible, because depression is evil like that. *deeper sigh*


On the brighter side, I have a pretty solid idea for my remix, and some halfway-solid ideas for my NFE fic, so hopefully I will be able to get enough sleep to sort of bootstrap myself into functionality for the next couple weeks and get them written by their respective deadlines. *crosses fingers and lights a candle for good measure*
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 08:49pm on 18/08/2017
Friends, who's excited for the eclipse?! I sure am! I live in the path of totality too so that's exciting. I've already talked to all of my professors about taking Monday off and I have my little glasses ready and everything. God, I love space. I don't understand what's going on most of the time but dang if it's not all fascinating.

Mom's going to be going with my sister to pick up the puppy in Mississippi so I'll have the house to myself this weekend. \o/ I'm really excited about this ngl. It'll be me and the puppers and the kitties, eating food and watching a ton of tv and...well, reading a ton because that is what my homework for everything is, haha. Anyway, I'm excited and I have a whole list of things I want to get done and I imagine I won't get very much of anything done.

Does anyone have any opinions about the anime Hyouka? It looks pretty cute and I really like high school mystery anime so I'm thinking it might be right up my alley. And speaking of watching things, is anyone else watching The Sinner on the USA network? Holy crap. It's intense.

The anime and young adult lit tracks for Dragon*con have posted their Saturday schedules!


Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. The horror track hasn't posted a schedule yet and neither has the writers track. I'm really interested to see what they've got planned.

Anyway, that's really all that's going on with me! I'm working a short day tomorrow, since my sister, the groomer, won't be there so we have exactly three bath dogs. I'll work a little bit, get off, and then have nothing of great import (or at least, nothing outside of my house) until Tuesday.

I am so hyped.
August 17th, 2017
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 6
word count (story only): 1293

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

Joshua browsed through two more listings before he stopped, raising a hand to block the image of a long, oversize ranch house silhouette with a retaining wall wrapping around the partially-visible lower level. The walls were bright orange, nearly the color of safety vests, and the window sashes were painted a deep rust color. Other details, including the brick work, were an overwhelming shade of persimmon. “Holy crap, you paid money for the Pumpkin House? I mean, I might pay two or three bottle caps for it, but not cash!” Joshua paused. “Is it even finished inside?”

“Fully. It's also disgustingly taupe, beige and eggshell, throughout,” M. A. laughed. “I didn't even pay five cents on the dollar compared to its value, though, so I can afford to spend the money painting and re-carpeting. That was going to be a training project for, well, it doesn't really make a difference… If you want it now, before I've changed anything, I'll sell it to you for exactly what I paid.”
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Greetings from New Jersey!

I drove down from Ithaca this afternoon in order to kidnap my parents' dog, mwahahahaha!!!

Or, in less dramatic terms, to pick up Dottie so she won't have to spend the next two-plus weeks in a kennel while Mom and Dad are off gallivanting around Norway. (Dad is giving a paper at the 11th International Conference on the History of Chemistry in Trondheim -- his conference papers are often their nominal excuse for trips to interesting places -- but they will spend most of their time on general tourism stuff.)

We went out to dinner at Charlie Brown's, I have washed a bunch of laundry, and tomorrow I will head back north through A) rain, B) far too much roadwork, and C) god only knows how many families flooding into Ithaca to drop their kids off at Cornell for the start of classes on Monday the 21st.

And then I will have a temporary dog. Yay dog! :D
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36 -- in your opinion, what makes a good anime?

If I can answer 'yes' to 'Do I want to watch it again?' and/or 'Do I want to own a copy of this?'

Of course, I can answer 'yes to those questions over some real hot messes, too. ^_^

I mean, if I made it to the end as was entertained in some way, then it did its job. That alone should qualify as 'good', right?

I feel like 'good' has lost all meaning.

(I am so glad this meme is almost over.)
August 16th, 2017
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 6
word count (story only): 1096

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

back to part one
to the Road Trip index
on to part three

“Can I be snarky about it?” Loudmouth asked, her eyes serious, but the corners of her mouth quivering in anticipation.

“Could you possibly not?” Joshua retorted in a shocked tone, rolling his eyes. He grinned, and his shoulders loosened visibly. “I actually meant that as a compliment. I deeply regret not bringing a note pad with me on this trip, but I honestly thought that it was going to be more about bonding with G than upending our entire lives. Anyway, A connects to B in my own head, but it would take too long to explain without at least as much snark as you seem to enjoy.”
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35 -- have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?

All the time-- let's see... timeslot changed, financial reasons (can't commit to $30/3 episodes for a 75+ episode show), moved to somewhere without television/cable, had to work instead of going to anime club, dropped anime club, fell out of contact with friend who was loaning out series, library doesn't have full run and doesn't order in optical media, series was never fully released in NA/English, subbers dropped series and no one picked it up, um... should I go on?

And that's ignoring shows that weren't my cuppa - didn't like the plot, characters, direction show was headed, art style, etc.

That's like asking 'have you ever not finished a book? why?' when sometimes... you just don't.

I'm not sure what the last anime I actually dropped was. There are a lot of things I want to go back and finish, but it'll take awhile. My slow internet makes streaming iffy sometimes so I'm a lot better off with physical media, but that often requires more cash. And some things aren't legally available on physical media yet, so~ *handwaves*

The last manga I dropped (from my library-borrowing spree) was JoJo's. It was interesting but I just couldn't get invested in the story.
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 03:45pm on 16/08/2017
Because the world is a terrible place and we all need some cuteness.

They're so stinking cute.

A selfie of my Selphie. ♥ ♥ ♥ (this was taken for #nationalselfieday and I wanted it to look like she was taking the pic herself lmao)
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 09:03am on 16/08/2017
Also dang, okay, I'll post a real update about life soon-ish but let me just say classes have been been SUPER CONSUMING and I am ALREADY EXHAUSTED however we're focusing on Toni Morrison in Multicultural American Lit and I'm really enjoy that class the most, aaaahhhh.
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posted by [personal profile] nanslice at 09:02am on 16/08/2017
My sister got my mom a surprise standard poodle puppy. She goes to Mississippi to pick him up this weekend and Mom needs to decide on a name. So!

Raphael or Dominic?

(I am not super in favor of yet another animal in this house but oh well, it's too late now and he's pretty dang cute so)
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Demands and Decisions
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 6
word count (story only): 1116

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story set, and the Road Trip arc, this is where Joshua's brain finally goes 'tilt,' but while there is tension, several good things develop as a result. ::

:: This story is sponsored by Callibr8, and she knows why! ::

to the Road Trip index
on to part two

Joshua had walked G to his appointment, then loped back toward the nursery, with one eye on the digital display on his watch as he calculated whether any parents would be interested in a story during breakfast, rather than afterward. It would work as a small distraction, maybe. Hopefully.

He couldn't sit idly in the dining area, or even in their cabin, but he didn't want to let his worry frighten the newest members of the family… A pang tore through him at Isobel's impending, nebulously timed departure, but he hoped just as fervently that her mother could recover their bond. That she wasn't lost in grief or addiction or raging PDSD, which would damage Isobel's psyche even more.
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat starting now, in irc://! Webclient here:
August 15th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] runpunkrun at 04:51pm on 15/08/2017 under
Most Notorious is a true crime podcast hosted by Erik Rivenes, who has a different guest for each show. Rivenes interviews them and occasionally adds some background information, but the guests do most of the talking so the success of each episode really depends on the personality of the guest. Plus they're interviewed remotely, so you often have audio noise to content with. I listened to parts of three episodes, but found it unengaging.

Next I tried Unsolved Podcast, which is independently produced and hosted by Heidi Galore, who has a background in law enforcement. The episodes are short—less than twenty minutes—lo-fi, and pretty bare bones. Like the title suggests, these are unsolved crimes. I listened to one, and Galore's voice has a muffled character to it, like trying to talk through a retainer. Thankfully, there was a transcript of that episode—with linked sources—on the website, but there are only seven episodes up, and some are just audio with no transcript or sources. Galore offers basic facts and some speculation about the crime, but I've realized I like the mystery part of true crime as well as the storytelling aspect, and I just need more drama in my storytelling.

And then, in an abrupt left turn into no murder—but maybe some ghost stories—is Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia, that's Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder and her friend Alie Ward. This is a casual, funny podcast. I already loved Georgia from MFM, and Alie Ward is also cool and likes science and bug facts. Georgia and Alie usually have a guest and they play slumber party games where they ask the guest their favorite embarrassing snack, what they're reading, or if they've ever seen a ghost. It's light and fun, and Georgia and Alie are comfortable with each other and easy to listen to. The show is currently on hiatus, but has a back catalogue of nearly a hundred one-hour episodes, so there's plenty to listen to. I don't even recognize most of the guests, probably because they're from podcasts I don't listen to, but there are a few guests I do know, like Tony Hale, James Urbaniak, and of course Karen Kilgariff, who tells a ghost story so quietly upsetting it nearly made me cry.
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34 -- have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character?

As in, only hung on because I really wanted to know what happened to one of the cast? Or started watching something because of one character (like I'd seen art or something and was curious)?

Sure. Isn't that sort of how it works sometimes? If it's not a stellar premise but a character has an interesting design or something, I'll check it out. And then there's usually some reason to keep going... I can think of more games that I've finished for a character or two compared to anime... But I definitely know where there were times that the plot was a mess or fell off and I kept going because of an attachment or curiousity about the cast. I think that's pretty natural.

I'm quite fond of the whole things, now, but... the first time through Tekkaman Blade II was pretty painful until all of a sudden Dead End showed up and wait, what-? and I would have watched another fifty episodes to see how that was going to play out.
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Reminder: Weekly #otherkin chat at 8pm EST, in irc://! Webclient here:
August 14th, 2017
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33 -- would you ever watch an anime with over 100 episodes?

I think [personal profile] taichara already gave my answer-- wtf, meme writer and I have and I'll do it again, though sometimes there's a question of time, not inclination.

I wonder if the person who wrote these questions knows there's been an anime series airing weekly since 1969... Now that's a lot of episodes.
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*hefty sigh*

oooooor I could struggle with suicidal ideation over accidentally bonking my cat in the head as I climbed into bed for over an hour and then have extremely disrupted sleep full of nightmares and intrusive thoughts and random crying jags with panic attacks again once I woke up.


*writes more postcards*
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Good morning, all, and welcome to the August 2017 Magpie Monday!

There are two story arcs which, despite my very best attempts, have not yet been wrapped up and tied with a bow for the readers. The best way to get a lever on the problem is to make this month's theme, ”FINISH IT!” The two story arcs are the Road Trip, and the last of the Maldives pieces, to get Aida back to work and the rest of her friends and family home safely.
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August 13th, 2017
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Events in solidarity with Charlottesville are, in some places, continuing Monday or Tuesday - especially in smaller towns and more rural areas. I noticed between checking last night and checking this morning, several more events go up on the Indivisible register.

A link to Indivisble's search widget for finding an event near you.

So if you couldn't find one yesterday or even earlier today, and you haven't been able to register one yourself for any of the myriad of reasons that might be so (if you have been able to I figure you're pretty busy right now).

Feel free to take another look. Some places are slower off the starting line than others, and some groups hold more than one event at more than one time!

EDIT: I mention this the way I do because one of the things that happens to me with my OCD is that I'll set weird arbitrary time boundaries on things, and then sometimes I get confused and think they're real. So I've got to remember they're not. And remind myself they're not.

EDIT II: And also because um. I've been working very hard to get myself to a space where I can be in situations more crowdy than "two employees and two fellow customers in the small discount grocery" and I think I maybe am doing well enough to manage a vigil. Or at least to. Make the attempt.
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Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
- “Scheherazade”

Praise this beautiful, terrible world where we are opened
and crushed, where the kiss comes from a mouth that bites.
- “The Diver”

She hungers.

Roman can feel the yearning roll off her – silent, heated waves crashing through the air and landing against his dead skin. He isn’t sure if their connection is because of the blood they share, the thick, heady stuff he takes from her regularly (because he hungers too, he hungers more than he needs) and the drops he’s offered her over their many months together making a circle of their life, or simply because proximity has granted him an intimate awareness. But he can feel it: clear, obvious, undiluted. He runs his tongue against the sharp points of his fangs. He glances at her from beneath his eyelashes, body still against the floor, his hands behind his head and legs stretched forward. He has kept the room sparse, ever militant with his lack of need to display affection or familiarity, and made himself a marble statue posed in relaxation.

“Feeling needy, kid?” he asks.

Lene closes the wooden door separating her bedroom from the smaller, darker back room before shoving her hands into her pockets, her weight shifting to one hip. “No,” she lies. “Being home feels –”

“Home is never how you remember it as. Trust me.”

She rolls her eyes and kicks at one of his bare feet. “I was going to say good. It feels good.”

He moves so suddenly, so like the wolves lambs learn to fear, and snatches her foot. When he pulls, Lene tumbles, her small body awkwardly responding to pressure and gravity, while the beast inside of her instinctively charges with anger at the unexpected attack even as she outwardly laughs. She lands on the carpeted floor with a thud, the stone ground beneath sturdier than her bones. Roman crawls forward, ignoring the way her right knee jams into his rib, her left leg with her newly freed foot wrapping loosely around his hip, his hand pinning her elbow, her fingers in his long hair until they are half-holding, half-wrestling each other’s bodies.

“You smell like the sun,” he murmurs once the skip in her pulse has calmed, his wide nose near her neck, his teeth on her ear. He can lick the dust from her skin.

“You don’t smell like anything, old man.”

She pushes a palm into his face, the coarseness of his beard scratching her fingertips. He nips at her knuckles until she laughs again. It’s a sound like the wind through fresh grass. He’s more used to her nighttime sounds, to her sighs like nightingales and her vixen cries. Lene grins with her hair in her eyes and feels his body move above hers, his hands anchoring at her hips, until she’s rolled and is straddling his sharp waist. One of his palms slips across her stomach, pushing the fabric of her shirt up.

He raises an eyebrow at the bruise blossoming against her ribs and the welts only freshly fading.

“What is this?” Roman asks.


He digs his fingers in, hard enough to hurt, and sees the way Lene tries to hide her wince. She sighs, a huff of annoyance, reaching down to halt his hand by his wrist. “Nothing. The usual contenders, welcoming me home.”

“Ah, I see. You disappointed them by bringing me here, so they doubt you. Do you want me to eat them?”

“Oh, that’ll help. You’re a thousand-year-old child.”

Roman’s expression goes blank like ivory. He bites his own thumb then smears the blood across her welts. Lene accepts this, her eyelids shivering at the sensation of pinpricks near her ribs. Gradually, she shifts her weight, stretching herself slowly above him, bracketing his head with her elbows, the ends of her hair trailing across his collarbones, making a curtain around his long face.

“You don’t know what it’s like. A family. A pack.” she whispers.

“A nest. We call them nests, and they are dangerous. They breed stupidity and hunger and greed, liebchen.”

“Not here. It’s different here. We’re different.”

He tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, a soft gesture unlike almost all of his others. “So everyone thinks, kid.” He doesn’t ask what she means – which we she is referencing. Him or her family.

In the brief silence that follows, she touches his forehead with hers. Roman’s sinewy – not as broad around the chest as Lene had originally surmised him being, his narrow figure hidden behind heavy jackets and expensive suits, his length tapering into a finely muscled abdomen and defined hips sharp enough to batter against her thighs – but he’s a brick of a man. She can feel his solidity beneath her, his cold strength that has become a comfort to her, and for a moment it is enough. She had wanted to tell him about family, about a kinship different than heredity and genetics, how blood and bond can forge affinity, but she thinks he already understands. He’s simultaneously been a lover and a son, a father and a brother. She’s still not sure how to articulate her place in the history of his personal hierarchy; she doesn’t know how to ask.

Lene feels it as part of her desire, all those anxious and burning pains she’s felt low in her belly ever since they crossed the desert in Knight’s SUV.

Roman doesn’t wait. He feels the way her hunger is a quake, an ache that matches his, and sits them up. His arms circle her slender back, his fingers sliding along the nape of her neck until he can fist the blonde length of hair. She loops her arms around his shoulders, kissing him softer than she had intended to. She appreciates it when he bites her bottom lip; she likes it more when it’s rough, when she can feel the push and pull of him linger on her body.

“Your brother,” he says afterwards, when they are naked and lying close together, speaking against the curve of her arm, “do I have to call him Alpha too?”

Lene rolls her eyes. “Shut up.”

“He has longer hair than I pictured.”

“As if you ever sat around picturing my brother.”

“And his friend. He has long hair too.”

“Is this really what you want to be doing? Talking about men?” She shoves her wrist against his mouth, her skin knocking against his teeth. “Isn’t it feeding time?”

Roman does not respond to the bait. “I am wondering if you have a pattern. In the type of men who hold your affections.” He smirks, and she can feel the tiny stretch of his lips.

She punches him in the shoulder. “You’re a dick.”

His face splits when he laughs, his mouth wide and teeth white. His eyes crinkle at the edges. (This is how she likes to think of him when he’s being particularly difficult, when she’s having trouble deciphering whether his morals exist, or when his smug leers infuriate her. His laughter makes him surprising; he’s humanized by it.)

Outside the bedroom, all the way on the deck, Anders can hear the muddled sounds of Roman’s laugh traveling up through the maze of corridors. It pierces his ears like a warning signal.

The pack follows Anders. The majority keep their distance from Roman and are less than warm to Lene. They watch her with judgmental gazes. They whisper behind her back. But even this is a kind of homecoming. A familiar burden. It is Roman that she is unsure of, watching his tall figure stalking the trails, learning the area’s geography by night. She tags along too often, feeling like an unwanted shadow in her own house, showing him the paths from her childhood and the worn parts of the mountain that hide their secrets from the world.

After a week, she is still uncertain, still aware of the tense mood lingering around the trainers in the fighting pits, the old women stocking the storage units in the caverns, the children as they bathe, her brother as he watches.

She doesn’t think any of the pack has spoken to Roman outside of formal introductions, so she’s surprised to see a girl marching up to them as they descend a cliff path close to the main house, Lene’s boots skidding against the rock. Roman is a step ahead of her, pushing a hand back through his hair, glancing past the approaching figure to the giant face of the moon behind her. Lene realizes the girl is Rebecca, a brunette whose grown three feet since Lene saw her last, her body now at the brink of womanhood.

“Mama says you’re dead.” Rebecca tells Roman before Lene can even say hello, sure in her wording, her freckled arms folded over her chest in the age-old stance of adolescent defiance.

Everything about her is skinny, from her waist to her legs. Even her hair is thin, like straw, and Lene, still half-bent from where she’d been brushing the mountain grit off her legs, sucks in an air of breath without meaning too. He’ll eat her alive, she thinks, craning her head to the left to judge Roman’s reaction.

He arches an eyebrow but keeps his tone even. “Your mother sounds like an observant woman,” he says, glancing sideways at Lene with a hint of amusement in his hazel eyes.

“What do your teeth look like?” Rebecca asks, unabashed.

Lene waves her hands in the air in a gesture of shock. “Hello, rudeness alert. Young lady, you go tell your mama that I -” She’s cut off by the sound of Roman’s snarl and the way his body shifts in her periphery. He puts his hands on his thighs, crouching forward into Rebecca’s young face with the same predatory swiftness that Lene has come to know well. She finds herself holding her breath again, seeing his face contort, seeing the savagery in his expression and the glint of the moon on his descended fangs. Rebecca yelps in surprise, shrinking back.

Lene can see Anders, ten feet off, stalking towards them. She grabs Roman’s arm hard and pulls, but he is stone, not budging, and to her surprise Rebecca’s yelp has turned to giggling.

“Cool!” the girl exclaims with a grin, and Lene realizes Roman is smiling.

He doesn’t move when Rebecca touches one of his fangs with the tip of her finger, feeling the point.

“That’s enough,” Anders declares once he’s within earshot.

Rebecca lingers until Lene gives her a hard look, then she drops her hand reluctantly, stepping around and partly behind her legs. Lene places her hand atop the girl’s head, watching her brother watch Roman with open disapproval. Roman retracts his fangs before standing. He has to look down at Anders, a fact that Lene knows irritates him more.

“Is this where you tell me that I am a guest, and I should behave myself?” he asks, and Lene elbows his side.

Anders frowns. “You’re a guest,” he says, but nothing else.

Roman makes a noncommittal noise, not quite a hum, before continuing down the path towards the cabin. His shoulder hits Anders in passing, and he growls even though he’s staring at Lene.

“It will get better,” she tells her brother, squaring her shoulders despite her desire to expose the vulnerable white of her belly.

It starts with the children, so for a while Lene thinks she’s right.

Children are less carved by the word, more resilient and able to see past the fears of others. Rebecca becomes the ringleader, the springboard for the others to use as a gauge in ways that Lene can never be. Rebecca is not different; she was born into the pack and embraced by it – normal in all of their eyes. Willful. Beautiful only in her gracelessness and growing coltish limbs. She has a horse’s wild heart, the beast inside of her passed down from her father’s line, skipping the predator that is her mother’s shape.

She lingers near Roman during dinner hours, quiet except for the occasional smile she sends in his direction, until the lingering becomes a welcoming. When Roman slips down the mountain, headed towards the cold night sands of the desert, she follows his tracks dutifully. They return before dawn, sometimes side-by-side, sometimes with her legs thrown over his shoulders and her body hunched above him, her arms gripping his neck like winding ropes. They morph into one large figure, an amalgamation of monsters.

Before long, the pair doubles. Triples. Forms a group.

Harper has a lisp, but Roman smells scales beneath her skin, and a cunning that belies her shy speech. Isaac has eyes as dark as sage. He smells like forest things, like ancient oaks, but he barely comes to Roman’s thigh. Judah never speaks. He tags along reluctantly. Rebecca says he was rescued from the worst of the drifter cities only a few months ago; she’s surprised he follows at all. Bailey is the loudest – braying with laughter easily, the most untouched by hardship, the loveliest in her innocence – and she likes to cling to Roman’s elbow until he lifts his arm, her feet dangling above the ground, toes dragging over rocks and dust.

Lene keeps her face impassive except for when she grins at Knight’s raised eyebrow and shrugs a shoulder. She doesn’t say anything.

Sometimes she joins in their walks. Sometimes they tussle like she used to when she was their age. She lets their young bodies pile into and over her. She gets elbows in her face, knees in her ribs, laughter in her ear. Roman plucks them off of her one by one. He hooks them by their arms or the backs of their shirts and calls her name, searching for her beneath a pile of squirming kids. As easily as pulling weeds after a fresh rain. Their fingers splay, grasping at empty air. Once, Lene tackled Roman head-first, his arm still circled around Harper’s waist, and the three of them had caused tracks in the dirt.

He’d looked up at her from the ground, a smear of grit across his cheek, and laughed.

Harper had butted her head against Lene’s and scrambled over them, reaching for Judah’s nearby leg. When Lene stood, she’d offered Roman her hand like she’d done it a hundred times.

“Tell us about before,” Rebecca had demanded on their return back.

“Before?” Roman asked, picking a shrub from Lene’s hair.

“Before this, she means.” Bailey clarified.

“There was more color,” Roman said, “and men were kinder.”

Lene had looked at him with disbelief. Men had always burned hearts, her grandmother had said, but she appreciates the lie for what it is.

It’s better, she had thought. It’s getting better.

It isn’t the first time she’s been wrong.
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Family Tree
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2
word count (story only): 1615

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, set in the Mercedes area, and the Road Trip story arc. Things are beginning to pull together, but the tension exposes a hidden problem as well. ::

“Then there's no DNA to match. It might just be a physical resemblance, like that poor kid in the nineteen-thirties supposedly found by the police and handed over to the mother of a missing boy as her son.” Joshua pinched the bridge of his nose. “This mother, the one who might be a match, is probably burning her way through every resource she has, looking for her kid. I would. I don't want to make that worse for her by dangling a hope that may not exist, you know?”

“The child is multi-ethnic,” the Leftenant told him smoothly. “With higher than average risks for several recessive diseases, such as sickle-cell anemia.” He smiled. “Her mother stored cord blood, just in case.”

Joshua's eyebrows climbed to his hairline. “Do you know that it matches?”
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32 -- if you could make a game for an anime of your choice, what would it be and why?

Not for a single anime, but at one point I was working on a yaoi-themed Fluxx deck with characters from anime, games, etc. I don't know whatever happened to all of my notes or rough cards (good thing with Fluxx - you can just use index cards), but I had hoped to eventually finish it to play at a Yaoicon some year. (whoops)

I'm now sort of wrongly tempted to try to finish it... if I can remember how it began.

(The problem is play-testing, I think. I don't have a lot of IRL friends I'd necessarily subject to that...)
August 12th, 2017
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Family Tree
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 2
word count (story only): 1270

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, set in the Mercedes area, and the Road Trip story arc. Things are beginning to pull together, but the tension exposes a hidden problem as well. ::

The smell of coffee teased Joshua away from a dream where he was surrounded by scores of cloth dolls in the Waldorf, or Amish, or Muslim style, depending upon their clothing. Their skin tones ranged from fairer than little Edison Finn to the deep ebony seldom seen in the United States. All were faceless.

All were tugging at him, imploring him silently for their names.

He woke with his back against the wall, literally, and three toddlers piled against his torso or sprawled over his numb right arm. Their blankets looked like pools of dried paint around them. His eyes went wide, his head jerked up, and he scanned the room for the littlest child.

“Relax,” G assured him. “I fed her, changed her, and put her in the crib after she fell asleep. Well,” he admitted, waving a coffee mug gently in the air, “it worked the third time I put her down.”
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31 -- have you ever watched an anime with over 23 episodes?

That is such a weird number to choose, considering a large percentage of series are 24-26 episodes, if not more. I know shorter 12-13 episode series are becoming more common (or at least it feels that way), but...


For a long time, other than with OVAs, I'd be surprised if something was only 12-13 episodes long.
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30 -- how many anime episodes is 'ideal' for you?

Exactly as many as it takes to tell the story competently.

In the case of adaptations, as many as it takes to tell the story competently without gratuitous filler (arcs), removing or highly truncating arcs, and to keep a decent sort of pacing without the middle falling out.

I do wish Tekkaman Blade II had been about twice its length, though.
August 11th, 2017
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by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 3 of 3
word count (story only): 1688

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story group (named for the small town where the characters live), and the Road Trip story arc). ::

“G's medical treatment is in the morning,” Joshua answered. “Bennett, did I tell you that I've asked to foster the kids we rescued?” His fingers drummed on the tabletop. “Sit, please.”

The other man shook his head. “I got a text that said kids, need more bedrooms, and have no clue what happened.”
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cherry chapstick (the taste of her). harry potter. ginny/luna. pg. 365.
for [community profile] hogwarts365prompt #204: players, cherries.
"alright," ginny said grudgingly. "you won," she sighed. "what do you want?" 
luna considered what it was she wanted most of all before stepping forward. 
"this," she said and then she was pressing her lips to ginny's.

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August 10th, 2017
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by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 3
word count (story only): 1371

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story group (named for the small town where the characters live), and the Road Trip story arc). ::

In the hallway, they passed Alys' mother on the way into the temporary nursery. “I wish we could take the littlest one,” she murmured, shaking her head, “but it's too risky to have a newborn on a ship where people don't always listen when an area is posted as off-limits.”

Joshua's jaw clenched, but he nodded politely and let Cash lead the way to their cabin. G was no longer sleeping, but in a drowsy video chat with Jules. Instead of alerting them to the adults' arrival, Cash closed the door. “Okay, what's bugging you about that comment?”
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These aren't the best quality but!

Click to see bigger!
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29 -- has an anime's fanbase ever made you hesitant to watch an anime?

Absolutely, and this doesn't just apply to anime - it applies to books, games, movies, etc.

But it's fairly prevalent with the mecha genre, which is heavily grog-infested. I rather vehemently refused to have anything to do with Robotech for yeaaaars because of large swathes of the fandom. But I'm getting better/more comfortable at separating things from their fandoms and knowing when to enjoy something but never mention online that I like it/didn't like it/am remotely aware of it/once walked by a copy in the store.

You know, as you do.
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Hey, folks, Bitchin' Party is in the works for 2018. It's a small fan-run con held in Issaquah, Washington, and it'll be running April 13-15 this time. Traditionally it's been a con dedicated to due South and its extended Canadian enterprises, but interests shift over time, and the con tends to go where fandom goes—panels are proposed by participants and then voted on—so you tend to get whatever's hot that year, like MCU or Hamilton, and then there are also technical panels on things like writing or podcasting. There's a con suite to hang out in, a vid show followed by a dance party, and often private room parties, too. As far as the attendants go, there's usually a strong podcasting presence, as well as writers, knitters, vidders, and what I can only describe as nail polish fandom.

The con's pretty low-key, and I know in years past local folks have been surprised to hear it was even happening, so here's a heads up. Check out [community profile] bitchinparty if you want more info.

Or, come talk to me if you have questions. I've been to the last (*counts on fingers*)...four? (*checks email for receipts*) four. There's a new group of con organizers this year, so things won't be exactly the same, but it's in the same place, with a lot of the same people, so I imagine the core of the thing will have the same attitude behind it.
August 9th, 2017
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by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 3
word count (story only): 1476

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, the Mercedes story group (named for the small town where the characters live), and the Road Trip story arc). ::

Joshua found Cash rocking the wide-awake baby girl as he stepped into the cabin being used as a makeshift nursery. The twin beds had been removed, and sheets covered a row of the exercise mats he had used for the demonstration, filling the space on the narrow side of the room farthest from the door. Two of the toddlers were sleeping, curled together and holding fistfuls of the other's clothing, but the third simply sat in place like a sentry. “I thought you had plans for the night,” Joshua teased.

“That was hours ago,” Cash informed him.

The other man shrugged. “Okay, so you're a lightweight,” he teased.
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28 -- do you watch a new anime because you think it will be good, or because its popular?

I feel like these questions are on a mission to get stupider or at least more obtuse every day. I watch new anime because it looks interesting/is in a genre I like/is from a creator I like/was recommended to me. To me, 'good' and 'interesting' don't always go together. Some of my favorite series are utter trainwrecks at times, and so? And popularity... I'm probably more likely to check out really popular things just because I hear the names more/people rec the series more and I'm more aware of it, but... that's about it. Like, I watched Yuri!! on Ice because there was a big hype but I just thought it was okay.

I guess the best thing to say is - I watch things that seem to be in my wheelhouse, even though sometimes my wheelhouse changes or has odd niches that nobody knew about, sometimes even me.
August 8th, 2017
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I got a review today on one of my rare porn fics saying it was "cute, albeit fetishy."


It's an explicit kinkmeme prompt fill. It was clearly tagged as such. I really don't know what else they were expecting.
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location: ithaca, ny
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Mom and I are fostering a couple of three week old kittens and Hecky has decided they're his.

hecky sitting on top of the carrier

These kittens are a bit of a mess, covered in fleas, but they're eating very well so that's good. And of course, they're pretty dang cute! We're tentatively calling them Cagney and Lacey but I don't want to keep them so I'm mostly just calling them kitty and beebee, haha. Anyway, pictures coming soon-ish, maybe.

Classes start tomorrow and I'm very much not hyped about it. But, senior year, powering through, blah blah blah. The Nature Writers class seems like it'll be the most interesting; requirement books include an environmental science book as well as a book about Charles Darwin.

The #VisibleWomen tag on twitter has introduced me to so many wonderful artists. I'm so glad it's a thing. *___*

idk how to end this post so good night friends, good night. ♥
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So, I finally made pound cake, and while it wasn't an unmitigated disaster, it was close.

The good news is:
  • tastes delicious
The bad news is as follows:
  • overflowed the pan
    • even though I used a one-pound loaf pan
    • as specified, ridiculously, by the recipe
  • the edges burnt
  • the middle sank
  • and started to foam
  • I repeat: it started foaming when I poked it with a toothpick
It can no longer charitably be called a "loaf." Even "cake" is pushing it at this point. But it does taste good, and it'll be great under some nectarines where you can't see it how hideous it is.

It's a good thing I'm not feeling fragile right now. I was momentarily bummed out, but whatever. It's so messed up that it looks like it was staged. Like someone needed an example of a horrible kitchen disaster and this is what they came up with. It's kind of hard to do anything but laugh. Plus I smartly put a sheet pan under it to catch all the drips while it baked; the overflow is totally edible, and I didn't set the kitchen on fire. So really, I'm ahead. I have cake(ish), and no fire.

And next time I'll use a bigger pan, Kyra.


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